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Full Version: The Owls v Forest SBC Match Thread
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Swansea have equalised.
Late Swans winner?

Don't put your house on it
Swansea winning.
And now Swansea score again and lead 2-1!! Derby look the same as us!!!
How did it come to this took us what seemed like forever to get out off the pub league and it seemed wed learnt our mistakes off what got us there in the first place twice !!! Then the club goes and dies the same stupid thing hiring inept management who hired Inept staff alike !!
Here we go again mid table at best next season dm sacked at Xmas when it's all too late and if we are lucky chansiri won't fluck the book up and get us to the old fourth division ...that's about as high as I am aiming any thing better and we'll you're just pulling you're own leg !!

Too the tune off we've got Bannan blah blah blah blah ( head in hands but no tears today ) they've gone past bothering with along about when monk took over !!
These bottlers can't have a crunch game against Derby. They'll crumble like the clowns they are.

Imagine the kind of mistakes Borner is going to make
I've said all along we won't get shit at the hoodoo of a ground flat pack bollocks ...all we ever get there is decisions going against us !! We are more likely to be 1 up in the last 1minute and throwing it away in the 98th last kick of the game .
Rotherham level, that could make our game at Derby almost irrelevant as well.

Derby have lost. Blackburn have missed a couple of glorious chances since Rotherham equalized!!
Those lucky elephants must have had an extra polish. This is torture to the highest degree.
If Rotherham manage a win from their final two it won't matter if we beat Derby
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