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Full Version: The Owls v Forest SBC Match Thread
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Rotherham finish on the same day as everyone else Imre, they have Blackburn on Saturday, then Luton away on Tuesday, then Cardiff away next Saturday.
(29-04-2021, 06:49)Imre varadi Wrote: [ -> ]Well that's a bonus owlskev I missed that game

What is also a joke is that Rotherscum finish the season off 4 days after everyone ...what happened to all finishing on the same day and time ? They've sneeked that in well the Efl bastards !!! They could have played there game in hand while over the wank international breaks ffs I mean wtf cheating Efl c..unts !!!

Imre, you need to refresh your computer, you seem to be looking at last years fixtures or something really old!!!
Too much work at the moment which is leading to too much drink Wink
(29-04-2021, 18:15)Imre varadi Wrote: [ -> ]Too much work at the moment which is leading to too much drink Wink

Early practice for Cinco de Mayo too ?? !!!
1-1 Rhodes

Mexicans in mexico do not recognize cinco de mayo's a chicano thing ...we laugh at there stupidity .
Well the team tactics are simple patterson sack off shit upfront and the headless chicken look in midfield with Harris and minge ...I hope this is the last time these 2 play at hillsborough in a Wednesday shirt ... absalutuly xxxx useless Harris for me is the worst winger since sedgwick !!! And we'll minge isn't even a footballer I'm not sure how he conned his way into the game .
Refs already giving silly free kics against us.

Today will be the day
Where's the urgency? It's like a pre season friendly.
Poor game from both sides so far!!
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