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Full Version: The Owls v Forest SBC Match Thread
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Probably a good job for the players there’s no crowd allowed in !!!
So we get the point when we needed all three!! We never looked like getting them, even when we showed effort the lack of quality was there for all to see. Reach and Harris were awful all game yet there was no move to change things, which probably shows the lack of anything on the bench!! Bannan and Pelupessy worked hard in midfield but nothing up front to move it to, defence on the whole looked comfortable. Rhodes made us look better and gave us a goal threat but our crossing was crap as we have seen all season. In the final third we seemed to have no idea what to do!!

So we now need Derby to lose, a point for them will put us out of our misery!!
Swansea have rested most of there key player.
Bottling bastards
Rotherham losing.
Derby on course for their point

We pissed it away . Playing Harris was a handicap
Derby score, the final nail is being hammered in!!
Derby winning, pub league here we come.
Swansea level.
Disgrace of a squad. I hope most of them go it's be worse if management thinks about renewing any contracts
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