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Full Version: The Owls v Forest SBC Match Thread
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Same as always, kev.

Harris starting this game doesn't help. He's done nothing
I don't get why we are playing with three wide men?? Harris and Reach down the left have been awful so far ad seem to be in each others way!!
They just don't give a xxxx ... manager is as soft as shit there is no way we will win promotion with him.
Dog shit passing

Ffs Harris !!
Useless Harris and his shit ball control
Why he's even on the pitch or even on the bench is beyond me ...I actually prefer sedgwick !!!
Harris again with a cross...

This guy is masquerading as a footballer
Thats three times Harris has been in on goal and three times nothing has come of it!! Get him off and play Reach as winger and put Rhodes on!! Green needs to get in the game as well!!
If dunkleys fit enough to be on the bench then he should be starting ...get him on push hutch into midfield with one off the young lads whoever gives a shit and get Harris and minge off now ffs it will result in nothing !!!
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