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Full Version: The Owls v Forest SBC Match Thread
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Harris.... Please take this twat off
Almost another howler by Borner.
The backpassinh that results in endless danger.. but they still do it.. why?
Another let off from a poor back pass, is it our day when finally we don't get punished when we make these stupid individual errors??
Trying to throw this game they must be

Must win game and I'm watching this
Rhodes on for Green, he never got into the game today.
The ones that aren't cleared out desperately need coaching in ball control.

Green off and Harris stays? Can't say I understand or agree with management

Let's jog twenty years then pass it backwards thirty yards.
(01-05-2021, 14:50)Statesideowl Wrote: [ -> ]Green off and Harris stays?  Can't say I understand or agree with management

Only thing I can say there is at least Harris is in the game, Green didn't offer anything today.
Green a total pile of shit signing basically another gesture signing when we needed a goal scorer like charlie austin who the ambitious Qpr signed and within weeks bought themselves 10pts ..
Get Patterson off, I can't figure out what position he is actually playing!!!! Give one of the youngsters a chance to be a hero!!
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