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  Prediction League Results/Tables Week 15
Posted by: St Charles Owl - 1 hour ago - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - Replies (1)

Premier League

Player Pts CS CR GB BB SB
A.A.A. 20 2 5 NP 3 1
Sanjay 16 2 5 -3 3 0
B.B.B. 13 2 3 -3 6 0
St Charles 12 1 5 -3 3 0
Derby 10 1 4 -3 3 0
Bomber 8 1 3 -3 3 0
Twerton 5 1 3 -3 -3 1
Snooty 2 0 4 -3 -3 0
Themaclad 2 1 2 -3 -3 0
Amelia 0 0 3 -3 -3 0

Not a great scoring week in the PL this week for most but when everyone who played the Gamball got it wrong then it should come as no surprise!!  The one player who typically doesn't play the Gamball finished top this week, AAA scored a good 20 points on the back of 2 CSs and 5 CRs, one of which was his bonus, he was also one of only 2 players to get the scoreball as well.  For those interested, had he played the Gamball he would have lost 3 of those points, so a definite win for him this week.  With an almost identical record as AAA, Sanjay is in 2nd spot on 16 points with the Gamball and scoreball being the only difference between their points haul.  Our current PL leader BBB is 3rd with 13 points, like the top 2 he also got 2 CSs, one of which was his Bonus so he picked up the maximum there.

St Charles with 12 points is in 4th spot, he scored on 6 games but only had one CS to keep his score down.  Derby is again in 5th spot with 10 points on the back of scoring on half the games.  Behind him is Bomber with 8 points, and is the last player this week to score any positive points on the Bonus.

The bottom 4 all had serious issues with their balls with incorrect results on all the Gamballs and all the Bonus balls!!  Twerton is in 7th spot with 5 points, he did manage a CS and actually was only the second player to get the scoreball. Lord Snooty and Themaclad ended up joint 8th with just 2 points but they got there in slightly different ways with M'Lord getting only CRs and Themaclad actually getting one CS!!  Bottom of the pile for the second week in a row is Amelia who managed a big fat zero, still that is 4 points better than her performance last week so there is always a silver lining somewhere!!!

These results did cause some movement in the table.  BBB still out on his own at the top although his lead was cut by a point, Sanjay retook second spot and is now 2 points ahead of St Charles in 3rd and there is now a 33 point gap between them and fourth place.  AAA jumps 2 places to 4th with his top spot this week, overtaking Bomber and Amelia in the process.  Bomber also moved ahead of Amelia as her back to back poor weeks see her drop 2 spots to 6th place and now 14 points behind AAA!!  Derby rounds out the players over 100 points and sits a bit in no man's land in between the top and bottom.  

At the bottom Lord Snooty and Themaclad did nothing to help their cause and Twerton is inching closer to them each week, the gap between all three is now down to just 9 points.

BBB - 186 =
Sanjay - 172 +1
St Charles - 170 -1
AAA - 137 +2
Bomber - 130 =
Amelia - 123 -2
Derby - 111 =
Lord Snooty - 98 =
Themaclad - 94 =
Twerton - 89 =



Silver 23pts 4CS 6CR 10GB -3BB 0SB
BaggieOne 23pts 2CS 6CR 10GB 3BB 0SB
Minizin 23pts 2CS 6CR 10GB 3BB 0SB
DD 15pts 2CS 6CR -3GB 3BB 1SB
Stairs 15pts 1CS 6CR 0GB 3BB 0SB
Lady Jane 11pts 1CS 5CR -3GB 6BB 0SB
Somerset 9pts 1CS 5CR 0GB -3BB 0SB
Zinman 8pts 1CS 6CR -3GB -3BB 0SB
Joker 0pts 0CS 3CR -3GB -3BB 0SB
Beefy -1pt No predictions.

Only 9 games, only 9 predictors but this week produced the 2nd highest points total of the season so far. It was also a good week for the gamballers (well, some of them) with 3 maximums. Not so good for the scoreball with only one player gaining the extra point. Just one match produced a negative total - you've guessed it, Albion's much needed win - and I suspect we collected the highest ever amount of correct scores with only 1 player failing to get at least 1. 8 of the 9 predictors got over half of their results right, rare consistency!

A 3 way tie at the top this week with Silver, BaggieOne and Minizin all securing 23 points. Silver actually claims top place thanks to his impressive 4 correct scores - he was only let down by his bonus, being one of 4 of us to bet on an Albion defeat (well worth minus 3 points in my opinion.) BaggieOne and Minizin had identical records, backing up their maximum gamballs with correct bonuses.

Dingle Dingle and Stairs both had good weeks but are still 8 points off the leaders. Like BaggieOne and Minizin, DD had 2 correct scores and 6 results but lost points on his gamball, though he was the only player to pick up the scoreball point. Stairs got one less correct score but wisely chose not to play the gamball saving himself 3 points. Lady Jane had one of her better weeks scoring 11 points - only the 5th time this season she's reached double figures - helped by a maximum from her bonus.

Somerset was another to benefit from not playing the gamball, while Zinman, still smarting from last week's failed insurrection, had a complete blank from his balls and may well lose the overall top spot.

Joker was the stand out performance of the week - for all the wrong reasons. He was the only player not to pick up a correct score, only got 3 correct results compared to every other players with 5 or 6, and missed out on all his balls to achieve the grand total of zero.
No predictions again from Beefy, as others have said, we all hope he's OK.

Minizin 164 +1
Zinman 158 -1
Stairs 154 =
Silver 145 +2
DD 141 =
Somerset 138 -2
BaggieOne 125 +2
Joker 113 -1
Beefy 107 -1
Lady Jane 96 =

Zinman's 4 week spell at the top comes to an end as Minizin retakes first place in the overall table with Stairs remaining in 3rd. Silver is a big mover up 2 places to 4th, his highest position so far with Somerset the big loser dropping 2 to 6th.
At the bottom, Joker appears determined to keep Beefy company allowing Lady Jane to creep ever closer.


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  Birmingham City v Preston North End St Andrews 20/1/2021
Posted by: themaclad - 5 hours ago - Forum: Preston North End - No Replies

[Image: download.jpg]v [Image: download-2.jpg]

[Image: download.jpg]



[Image: download-11.jpg]


[Image: download-12.jpg]
City's first goal from a corner note lack of defender on back post


First played Small Heath September 1894 ended 4-4, our first victory at St Andrews was February 1913 1-0 won there last season 1-0, the season before Declan's howler led us to colapsing 3-0, no Mr Blue Sky empty ground first of two visits given we still have to play Coventry at the same venue.


Hogan, Ethridge and Leko all costs fees, Aitor got a couple of freebies from Middlesbrouh as well as going overseas for Sanchez and Prieto plus a fwe loan players as well




Anthony John Hancock (12 May 1924 – 25 June 1968) was an English comedian and actor.[1]

High-profile during the 1950s and early 1960s, he had a major success with his BBC series Hancock's Half Hour, first broadcast on radio from 1954, then on television from 1956, in which he soon formed a strong professional and personal bond with comic actor Sid James. Although Hancock's decision to cease working with James, when it became known in early 1960,[2] disappointed many at the time, his last BBC series in 1961 contains some of his best remembered work (including "The Blood Donor" and "The Radio Ham"). After breaking with his scriptwriters Ray Galton and Alan Simpson later that year, his career declined.


This does not set itself up to be a classic, Karanka's side tend to be tight at the back and our ability to score at the moment seems to be limited as is our ability to actually have a shot.
City had a good win at the Riverside on Saturday but have a less than brilliant record at home bit like us really
Looks as though Pearson has played his last game for us, shame really he has been an exceptional player over the last five years however maybe it's time to move on
Would like to see both Whiteman and Molumby in central midfield on Wednesday still need 18 points to get to the safeguard of 50 points first priority as those thinking of watching on I Follow save your money bound to be something better on the tube[b]

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  Betfred Cup semi-final v Saint Johnstone, Sat 23 Jan, KO 5.30pm
Posted by: 0762 - 8 hours ago - Forum: Hibernian - Replies (4)

So another cup semi-final looms ever closer for Hibs and I must say I'm mildly optimistic that the guys can overcome Saint Johnstone and progress to the final. I think JR has the players who can definitely "do the job" and I'm hoping Irvine and Cadden will be pivotal in adding their experience to a Hibs team that can win this match fairly comfortably if they "show up". However, in the back of my mind there remains this nagging doubt re Jack Ross's ineptitude in dealing with matches that become complicated/challenging and he doesn't win big matches even with Hibs teams that are good enough to win them but just need a "tweak" to get things right. He needs to "burst that bogey" and manage these situations properly from the touch line. C'mon Hibs! We wanna contest another final and possibly even win it to "grab the much needed prize money"!


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Posted by: Alouion - Yesterday, 13:14 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - Replies (1)

I have a good feeling about the acquisition of Snodgrass. He seems like a player who will be influential at the club, both on, and off the field for the immediate future of the club wherever that takes us. I am old enough to remember the likes of Dougie Fraser, Ali Brown and Bobby Hope. Would that he could have the impact of those guys.
I wish we could get Pereira playing with a smile on his face.

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  HTAFC Prediction League 2020/21 Matchday 21
Posted by: Lord Snooty - Yesterday, 00:05 - Forum: Huddersfield Town - No Replies

2 points for a correct result
4 points for a correct score
2 points for each correct scorer
Correct joker doubles your score   Laugh    
Wrong joker result gives you minus 2
Correct Random Badger gives you 2 points Badger

The random badger Badger is used for any random prediction used once in each matchday sequence. For instance, a scorer at a particular match, the number of red cards in the matches or yellow cards or own goals or owt you want really within reason, I do need to be able to check whether it's correct or not. Please don't put stuff like....."Commentator says...."  Rolleyes
The joker  Laugh is played for one match in each sequence and if correct you get double points. So if you've predicted 1-0 and it finishes 2-0, you get 4 pts, but if you've predicted 2-0, that's 8 pts. But if you get it wrong, it's minus 2.
Jokers and badgers are optional. You don't have to play one if you don't want.

Cup games:
In the event of a draw, it's half the points if you've predicted a draw when it gets to 90 mins and the full points if it's still a draw after extra time. Half the points will be awarded for correctly predicting the winner of the match if it goes to penalties.

Random score generator: I will be using the random score generator again for those who miss predicting, so we shouldn't get some people too far behind that after missing a couple of weeks they lose all interest, because I know it's not easy getting on here every week.
To be fair to everybody, this is going to be like, say if three people in one week miss their predictions, the first one in the table will be given all 0-0, the second one down the line will get 1-0 and the third will get 0-1 and so on, like if there's four missing the 4th will get 1-1, then 5th 2-1, 6th 1-2. and if there are so many missing, might as well pack in. Wink
And if you miss two weeks on the trot, I'll stop until you come back on again. Not doing it for half a season like I did t'other year.  Rolleyes

Friday 22nd January:
Stoke City v Watford

Saturday 23rd January:
Queens Park Rangers v Derby County

Sunday 24th January:
Preston North End v Reading (12:30)
Middlesbrough v Blackburn Rovers (15:00)

Tuesday 26th January:
Bristol City v Town (19:00)
Town scorers:
Brizzle scorers:

Millwall v Watford

Wednesday 27th January:
Barnsley v Cardiff City
Middlesbrough v Rotherham United
Swansea City v Brentford

Bonus matches:
FA Cup 4th round:

Chorley v Wolverhampton Wanderers

Barnsley v Norwich City
Millwall v Bristol City

Brentford v Leicester City (14:30)
Manchester United v Liverpool (17:00)
Everton v Sheffield Wednesday (20:00)

Wycombe Wanderers v Tottenham Hotspur

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  What Gives?
Posted by: Arcane Astral Aeons - 16-01-2021, 02:04 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - Replies (10)

i dont post much on here lately
but every time i look at this site
all i see are dumb advertisements
can someone please explain where these have come from?

if i look at a posting on here i get a stupid square advertising something dumb

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  Bristol City v Preston North End Ashton Gate 16/1/2021
Posted by: themaclad - 15-01-2021, 16:28 - Forum: Preston North End - Replies (5)

[Image: download.png] v [Image: download-2.jpg]

[Image: download.jpg]



[Image: download-9.jpg]


[Image: images-2.jpg]


Chris Martin, Chris Brunt, Joe Williams, Alfie Mawson and rhe less talented of the Sessegnon brothers

Head to Head

First visit in 1902 which we lost 2-0 our first victory was in 1908 last season we drew 1 all, City's last home victory was in 2010 a 4-2 win.

It may only be four weeks since we faced Bristol City in an EFL Championship encounter, but it’s been a busy period since for both teams.

Dean Holden’s Robins go into the game on the back of an FA Cup success at home to Portsmouth on Sunday, but their rescheduled clash with Brentford on Wednesday night was called off for a second time due to Covid in the Bees camp.

North End, meanwhile, have also had a week without an evening game, giving them time to get the new faces acclimatised, with Ched Evans and Daniel Iversen both available for selection, along with midweek recruit Ben Whiteman.

Manager Alex Neil will have his staff back alongside him too, after a number of them isolating when they travelled to Adam Park in the Cup last weekend, but subsequently testing negative for Covid.

Team News
Manager Alex Neil will be able to call upon Ched Evans, who was cup tied for last week’s trip to Wycombe and he will also have Daniel Iversen available; the Danish international not involved at Adams Park, having only had one session with the squad.

Ben Whiteman will also be available after completing his permanent transfer from Doncaster Rovers on Wednesday and receiving clearance from the EFL and FA to allow him to join up with his new team-mates.

Daniel Johnson, Ben Davies and Ben Pearson will all be assessed, but Tom Barkhuizen is back after missing the third round tie due to isolating, after a close contact tested positive for Covid-19.

Declan Rudd underwent surgery earlier this week and he joins fellow long-term absentees, Patrick Bauer (Achilles), Billy Bodin (knee) and Louis Moult (ACL) on the sidelines.

For Dean Holden, he welcomed Alfie Mawson back last weekend, but is without Jamie Paterson, Liam Walsh and Joe Williams at present.

No midweek game may allow the Robins to also have back Nathan Baker, plus Kasey Palmer – who was back off loan with Swansea City should be clear after testing positive for Covid-19, whilst defender Jack Hunt may also return.

Match Officials
Saturday’s game sees Dean Whitestone appointed as match official, his third PNE game this season – all away from home - having taken charge of the 4-2 away win at Brentford back in October and December’s trip to Barnsley.

He refereed four North End games in 2019/20, including the home game with QPR and our home win over Charlton Athletic in late January.

The Northamptonshire official has refereed PNE games on 15 previous occasions, the first of which was at Bramall Lane back in October 2008.

He has officiated 16 games so far this campaign, issuing 23 cautions and no red cards – including Bristol City’s goalless draw with Watford back in November.

Two of the stand-out PNE games he has been in charge of, were a previous 3-0 victory at Barnsley in August 2009, and a 3-1 triumph on the road at Doncaster in October 2012.

The rest of Tuesday's official will be made up of assistant referees Adam Crysell and Mark Pottage, whilst the fourth official will be Martin Woods.


Apart from a visit in August 1986 which we lost 3-1 highlight of the game Jim Branagan giving a display of such ineptitudeat left back which promptly led to him being released visits to Bristol have been succesful, last five times I've been we have won.
Sadly will not be able to cast a view on Nelson Mandela house as with last season we are still stuck with eth Covids
Safe to say in recent games both sides have been in and out although to be fair to City their last league game was last year due to a Covid out break.
Over the years the ground has improved tremendously and this week became a venue for mass injections of whatever vaccine they have down there, every credit for opening their facilities for that.
Game wise let's hope our socially distance cup defeat can be consigned to being one of those things, newbies galore, question is will Ched bag?


Dino Dini (born 5 June 1965) is a British video game developer and creator of the Kick Off series of football games.[1][2] He was a lecturer at the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, teaching game programming.[3]
In 1988, Dini was hired to code a top down football game from a Steve Screech idea.[4] In 1989 Kick Off was then published by Anil Gupta's publishing house Anco for the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga. The original version was designed and programmed by Dino Dini with graphics, playtesting and tuning by Steve Screech,[5][6] it was critically acclaimed[7] and sold very well. Dini followed it with Player Manager and Kick Off 2. Goal! (also known as Dino Dini's Soccer) was then released after Dini left Anco and moved to Virgin Games in 1993.[8] Goal! was critically acclaimed worldwide.[9] Goal! introduced more user friendly controls compared to Kick Off 2 and entertained a wider audience than its predecessor. It was also called the real Kick Off 3 by the Kick Off fans. In 1996, Dini moved to the United States to work as Project Director for the Z-Axis football game Three Lions. It was released in 1998.

In 2001, Dini moved back to Great Britain and started to work with his new development company, Abundant Software. In 2004, Dini signed with DC Studios to develop a new soccer game[10] which was code-named Soccer 3 and later Total Control Football. The game was cancelled during the summer of 2005.[citation needed]

After 2005, Dini worked as a contractor on a government-funded project. In 2009, he became a lecturer for the International Game Architecture and Design programme at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, teaching game programming. At the 2009 Game Developers Conference Europe (GDCE) in Cologne, (Germany), Dini was guest speaker on the subject of video game design.[11][12]

In 2010, Dino ran unsuccessfully for a position on the International Game Developers Association board of directors.[13] In August of that year, he announced via his blog that he was working on a sequel to his game Player Manager as an independent project.[14] In 2011 he contributed articles and the beta version of his browser-based game Letteroids 3D to DevilsMMO, a website for MMO and MMORPG games.[15][16]

On 14 October 2015, Dino Dini announced a new game entitled Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival. It was released on the PlayStation 4 on 24 June 2016, with poor reviews from game journalists,[17] and from players.[18] Metacritic judged Dino Dini Kick Off Revival the 2nd worst game of 2016,.[19] Vice elected Revival as the worst football game ever made.[20] A PlayStation Vita version was delayed and released nine months later in March 2017[21] with bad reviews.[22]

The PC version was released in Steam in September 2017 and it was an exact port of the PlayStation 4 version. Whilst maintaining an overall "mixed" summary status, it has similarly received bad reviews for being a very basic game missing many features of the original Kick Off games.

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Posted by: Baggiebob(BBB) - 14-01-2021, 20:09 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - No Replies


-        WEEK     9  -10       -11        -12       -13        -14

1.   BBB         109-129(1)  -155(1) -158(1) -163(1)    -173(1)    -
2.   ST.C          93-108(2)  -121(2) -129(3) -148(3)    -158(2)  UP 1
3.   SANJAY      74- 88(7)  -110(5) -138(2) -154(2)    - 156(3)  DOWN 1
4.   ZINMAN     88- 92(4)   -121(3) -127(4) -141(4)    -150(4)   -
5.   MINIZIN     94- 97(3)  -119(4) -124(5) -129(5)    -141(5)    -
6.   STAIRS       87- 86(10)-100(8) -111(7) -123(=7)  -139(6)    -
7.   SOMERSET  82- 80(11)- 98 (9) -107(8) -123(=7) -129(7)    -
8.   DD             42- 51(20)-74(17)-  85(17)- 110(=11) -126(8)  UP 3
9.   AMELIA      76- 91(5)  -107(6) -117(6) -127(6)    -123(9)    DOWN 3
10. SILVER        63- 67(15)-97(10)-110(12)-119(9)   -122(=10) DOWN 1
10. BOMBER      73- 87(9) -97(10)- 99(13) -110(=11)-122(=10)  UP 1
12. AAA            74- 80(12)- 97(10)-104(10)-115(10)  -117(12)  DOWN 2
13. JOKER         86- 90 (6)- 94(13)-103(11)-105(14)   -113(13)   UP 1
14.  BEEFY        79- 87(9) -105(7) -105(9)  -108(13)   -108(14)  DOWN 1
15. BAGGIE 1    55- 67(16)-92(14)-  94(15) - 96(16)   -102(15)   UP 1
16. DERBY        54- 69(14)-84(16)-  92(16) - 94(17)   -101(16)   UP 1
17. L/SNOOTY   60- 69(13)-87(15)- 98(14) -100(15)   -  96(17)   DOWN 2
18. THEM         53- 60(18)-67(20)-  75(18) - 83(=18) -  92(18)     -
19. LADY JANE  58- 66(17)-69(18)-  72(20) - 83(=18) -  85(19)   DOWN `
20. TWERTON   49- 51(19)-69(18)-  73(19) - 79(20)   -  84(20)     -

Not much change in the top 7 except for St Charles changing with Sanjay.  DD is continuing his rise up the table from 20th to 8th. Biggest loser was Amelia down 3, with AAA and L/Snooty down 2. The bottom 3 are continuing their own private battle with L/Snooty wanting to join them.

That's all folks

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  Wolves & West Ham vs WBA
Posted by: Ska'dForLife-WBA - 14-01-2021, 19:36 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - Replies (34)

[Image: WBAWolves.jpg]

There's a school of thought which says that if you spend enough time preparing yourself for the worst, then the real thing, when it finally arrives, is a walk in the park. To be honest, I'm not sure the theory entirely holds up: I'm reasonably certain, for instance, that global thermonuclear war or spontaneous combustion of the gonads - to name but two spectres of an unknowable future - would probably induce me to make a mess of my trousers no matter how many sleepless nights I spent stocking up on tinned vegetables and asbestos underpants.

And yet both of those horrors pale into insignificance beside visiting Molineux on Saturday.

Yes, it's been nearly a decade since the Black Country derby was last contested - at nine years, the longest hiatus in the rivalry since the Second World War, and the longest in peacetime since professional football began - and finally the moment has come for us to return to the scene of 2012's massacre for a reckoning. You'd probably get decent odds on another 5-1 scoreline right now, and if I refrain from lumping on, then it's only because I'm not sure we'd score as many as 1. Whatever effect Sam Allardyce was supposed to have on the team hasn't materialised beyond one decent showing at Anfield, and though it's fair to argue that he's not working with his own players yet, I'd still have hoped by now for signs of organisation, confidence and resilience that were utterly lacking during last weekend's pathetic cup exit. If Sam can find a way of averting what currently feels like the inevitable - and I doubt there's a better time, with Wolves managing only two wins in eleven league games since the beginning of November, despite being otherwise set for a comfortable mid-table finish - then he'll generate an enormous amount of goodwill that's much needed now the honeymoon has ended. But if (as is more likely) they regain their mojo against us, and multiple goals are involved... it's going to be hard to come back from in the popularity stakes. Very, very hard.

Tuesday night will pack us off down to London to face West Ham, but right now, that's nothing more than a sideshow. I don't have much in the way of either hope or expectation for Saturday, and if we do take a hammering, then so be it. Que sera sera. But in the middle of an abysmal season probably destined to end in relegation, and an equally miserable winter of isolation for us fans, I'd at least like to see us go down fighting. Just this once.

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  Covid Outbreak
Posted by: Dancingwilldoit - 14-01-2021, 15:07 - Forum: Chesterfield - Replies (1)

Was told earlier that the current bout of Covid is effecting over 50% of our squad and some have it bad. Must admit that some of the performances in our last game were below par so wonder if they had it then.
The source is somebody associated with Sheff Utd who's U23 team play their games at our ground. Seems they are having to completely cleanse everything to get the go ahead for a game there.
Wonder if 10 days will be enough to get rid of it? Not looking good.

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