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Prediction League Results/Tables Week 9, Beefys forecast comes up short
B.B.B. 10 1 3 5 -3 0
Sanjay 9 0 4 5 -3 1
A.A.A. 6 0 4 NP -3 1
Zinman 4 0 3 NP -3 1
Beefy 4 0 5 -3 -3 0
Themaclad 1 1 1 -3 -3 1
St Charles 1 0 3 -3 -3 1
Derby 0 0 3 -3 -3 0
Bomber -2 0 2 -3 -3 0

Well this week has to rank as one of the worst overall performances in my time of scoring the Prediction League!!! Nine posters managed to compile a paltry 33 points between them!! There were only 2 correct score predictions and the result at Man City v Wolves caused havoc with the Bonus Ball results and for likely the first week ever every player got their Bonus Ball wrong!!!!

Getting the top score this week, and being the only one in double figures is BBB with 10 points. He was one of 2 players to get a CR on the Gamball and one of only two players to get a CS!! Just a point behind him on 9 points is Sanjay, he was the only other one to get the CR on the Gamball. Bit of a drop to AAA in third place on 6 points, didn’t play the Gamball of course but got it wrong anyway and like Sanjay managed to at least get 4 CRs.

Zinman and Beefy share 4th spot with 4 points each. Zinman didn’t play the Gamball and as predicted he got it wrong anyway!! Beefy did play it and as could have been predicted got it wrong as well!!! He did at least manage to score points on 5 matches, the highest of anyone this week but missing on all his balls cost him!! Not sure this constitutes a comeback but at least he ends in mid-table for the week!! Bit of a drop then down to our league leader Themaclad and SCO in joint 6th with just 1 point each. Themaclad only scored on two matches, neither of which were balls but at least one was a CS and SCO only scored on three. Luckily for both of them the one point they ended up with was the Scoreball, saved them getting a duck!!

In 8th place was Derby, who did end up with a duck and might as well not bothered!!! He got 3 CRs and they were basically cancelled out by getting the Gamball and BB wrong!! Last place this week goes to Bomber, a rare bad week for him saw him end up on a negative with -2 points!! He got 2 CRs but got all his balls wrong to leave him going backwards!!!

Thankfully its the international break this week and I would expect all players will be happy with the rest, but boy there needs to be some changes and tactical work done to make sure this sort of performance is not repeated after the break!!!



Themaclad suffered a rare bad week with only a single point and had his lead cut to just 2 points, but the best time to have a bad week is when everybody else does, Zinman reclaiming 2nd, only scoring 4 himself but enjoying a six point swing with Bomber who not only lost a place but also ended with a minus week to drop a little off the pace of the top two.

Sanjay closed up to within a point in 4th enjoying one of the best of a poor set of scores returned from the Premiership this week, as did BBB top scoring this week, sitting in 5th keeping nicely in touch for a tilt at the top, as does AAA who made up the trio of the mid-table men who returned the best scores to close the gap on the top 3. The top 6 are only covered by 14 points heading into the international break.

Our early season stragglers continue to struggle to come up with a decent week between them as SCO in 7th finds himself 13 points away from escaping the perils of the relegation play off place, with Derby another point back in 8th, both will be hoping that they return with batteries charged and fortunes improving before a relegation battle becomes a real possibilty. Beefy meanwhile may have to adjust his targets to maybe a double figure score or even in the teens before he can think about either an 18+ week or climbing off the bottom of the league.


Amelia 12pts 0CS 6CR No balls
Lady Jane 9pts 1CS 3CR 5GB -3BB 1SB
Twerton 7pts 1CS 3CR -3GB 3BB 1SB
Baggie_One 4pts 1CS 4CR -3GB -3BB 0SB
Snooty 4pts 0CS 5CR -3GB -3BB 0SB
Stairs 1pt 0CS 3CR -3GB -3BB 1SB
MightyBrom 1pt 0CS 2CR 0GB -3BB 0SB
Joker -3pts 0CS 0CR 0GB -3BB 0SB

A very difficult week for the Championship - in fact I suspect that the total points scored in the division was lower than any previous week this season. Correct scores were at a premium - only 3 in total and the balls proved equally difficult with just one positive score on each of the gamball and bonus. We weren't helped by our friendly neighbours, Man Utd's continuing ineptitude, Spurs apparent implosion and Huddersfield's sudden impersonation of a football team. In fact the only reliable source of points this week came from our beloved Baggies with their game being the only one to accumulate more than 8 points for the Championship contenders.

Leading this week's table is Amelia with a week's high of 6 correct result predictions (though no correct scores). She was the only player to achieve double figures though may have missed out by not playing the bonus and score balls. Lady Jane makes it a 1 2 for our female competitors - only 3 correct predictions but one of them was the gamball (shame on you for predicting a Villa win) and she also managed this week's rare feat of getting a correct score. Twerton wisely put his bonus on Albion and secured third place as a result.

BaggieOne and Snooty are locked together in mid-table though with only 4 points. B1 gained from a correct score on Sunday's late game and Snooty's blind faith in Huddersfield finally paid off as he at least managed to stagger into positive territory for the week.

Stairs and MightyBrom were coming off a couple of very good weeks but came down to earth with a crash as they could both only manage a single point. Joker posted late and missed all of Saturday's games - if he hadn't posted at all he would have ended up with zero points for the week. Instead he chose to predict Sunday's games, got them both wrong and finished on minus 3 due to his bonus. I can only guess he and Beefy (another late poster) were "otherwise engaged" on Saturday morning.



Twerton stretches his lead this week to 9 points and is just a couple of points shy of the 100 mark for the season. It goes to show his consistency this year when you compare that it took him till week 15 to top the ton last season, while BaggieOne slips back into 2nd as the nearest challenger and enters the 2 week break holding on to one of the automatic promotion spots.

Joker more or less gave up that place by missing out the whole of Saturdays games and coming unstuck with the Manchester giants demise on Sunday, the fact that he's now predicted 16 games less than his rivals could be costing him dear, not only now but more importantly at the end of the season, the lead over Lady Jane in 4th is down to just a solitary point after what turned out to be a decent week for her.

Mightybrom, in 5th was another to have his advantage cut to a single point by Amelia up a place back into 6th who matched her best effort of the season so far and came out as the weeks top scorer having surely saved herself 6 points by leaving out the feature balls.

Stairs made way slipping back to 7th with just a point to show for his efforts this week, while Snooty had one of his better weeks, albeit the ones recently didn't take much bettering to sit at the bottom still adrift by 40 points.

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I don't want to be Beefy thank you Wink
I'm definitely mirroring my team's efforts.
Bomber -3 ha ha :-)

Joker -3 ha ha :-)

Wheels of fortune are changing me thinks,

Soon be Christmas and mid table :-)
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(08-10-2019, 16:48)Beefy 1965 Wrote: Bomber -3 ha ha :-)

-3 ??? Doh you still having trouble recognising numbers, thought it was just letters you had trouble arranging into words Tongue

I can afford to lose a couple off my vast total, you on the other hand need more than a 4 my friend Laugh
I don't want to be Beefy thank you Wink
(08-10-2019, 16:48)Beefy 1965 Wrote: Bomber -3 ha ha :-)

Joker -3 ha ha :-)

Wheels of fortune are changing me thinks,

Soon be Christmas and mid table :-)

oh god he is off again about his stunning comebacks
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Great feedback as always. I think I’m going to have to start some serious studying after the break!
Ok have a point back if you must

-2 ha ha

Ok mate :-)
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