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Prediction League Results/Tables Week 2

Week 2 of the season saw our first PL predictions and most of the points gained came from those games!! Scoring was down compared to the first week as well.

Leading the way this week is defending Champion Zinman, with 17 points. He scored points on 6 of the games including the BB but of course did not participate in the Gamball!! In 2nd place is Themaclad, after his shocker last week he will be happy to pick up 10 points!! He actually only scored on 3 games but his BB and the Gamball were two of them, so that boosted his score!!

Joint 3rd is SCO and Beefy on 7 points, SCO got a maximum on the BB, Beefy picked up a CR, but both of them missed on the Gamball. Derby and Bomber share 5th place on 6 points. Derby got 2 CS predictions but unfortunately missed on both his balls to drop his score back. Bomber picked up points on his BB but for some reason forgot to play his scoreball, could that point be important later??

Our PL leader Sanjay comes in joint 7th with AAA on a low 3 points. Sanjay got a weeks high 4 correct results but missed both his balls negating much of that good work. For the second week in a row AAA did not play his Gamball, and for the second week running he missed out on good points due to his lack of courage!!!! So far he has missed out on 9 points by not playing it!!!

Bottom of the pile this week is BBB on a big fat Zero points!!! He did manage to get 3 CR but missed all his balls to cancel that work out completely!! Still, as we stand he isn’t bottom as Matt once again did not show up, so he score -1 and is down to his last chance in terms of continuing this season!!



Sanjay couldn't maintain his blistering start from last week, though did retain top spot from last years champ Zinman who climbed 4 places up into 2nd just 4 points back.

BBB drops a place to 3rd courtesy of not troubling the scorer this week while Derby continued his steady start to the season to sit 4th, and likewise SCO easing his way into the new season just a point further back in 5th.

AAA 6th and Bomber 7th are finding the step up to the Premiership hard going so far after promotion last season and will need to find their predicting form soon.

Beefy, our notorious slow starter is running true to form in the very early stages of the marathon and Themaclad stepped up on last weeks poor start to tighten things up in the lower half of the table.



Quite a spread of scores this week with only one of Beefy's selections proving to be entirely predictable (though I suspect most of us were getting worried until Greasy Jack gave it away).

Top of the pile is BaggieOne, making up for his quiet start last week by bagging a mighty 23 points with 6 correct predictions including the gamball and bonus plus 3 correct scores. Lady Jane looked on for a sensational 2nd week of predicting but was let down by Sunday's gamball - still 20 points from a week's high of 7 correct predictions is not to be sniffed at. Twerton repeated his score from last week to sit in 3rd place - will he prove to be this year's Mr Consistent?

A bit of a gap to Stairs in 4th place who at least managed to reach double figures. MightyBrom followed up his strong start to the season with 6 correct predictions. Sadly he failed with all his balls and sits all alone in mid-table.

Amelia seems to be doing a Stoke, still suffering from last season's relegation. Just the 1 correct prediction though at least by not playing her balls she did manage to achieve a positive score. No such luck for Joker who produced an amazing impression of Fabien DeFreitas - turning up late and then performing badly.

And finally Lord Snooty, completing a miserable weekend for our friends from Huddersfield. Just 1 correct prediction and a washout on his balls to produce minus 4 points.

Worldclass has withdrawn from the competition (hope things turn out ok and you can rejoin us at some point) and again there was no sign of 4eva so technically he keeps Snooty off the bottom of this week's table.



The Championship had their very own game of musical chairs with positions this week as the only "constant" saw Twerton extend his lead at the top to a healthy 9 points from Lady Jane who certainly found her feet this week after her slow start to the season.

BaggieOne went into overdrive this week after propping up the table after week 1, launching himself up into 3rd proving it only takes a good set of scores to climb the league, while Mightybrom kept up his steady start to sit comfortably in touch in 4th.

A bit of a gap to the lower half of the Championship sees Stairs in 5th just a point ahead of Snooty who plummeted from 2nd last week to sit a lowly 6th this.

Amelia was another to plunge down the table, though her decision to not play the feature balls has saved her points and probably kept her off the bottom, where a familiar face now "proudly" sits as Joker reverts to his reserved spot after flattering to deceive last week.

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I don't want to be Beefy thank you Wink
Psst, Bomber. You might want to check your best week scores/week in the premier table. I'll keep this quiet so Beefy doesn't take the p**s.

Oh dear..
Prediction League Champion.......again.
(11-08-2019, 21:27)Zinman Wrote: Psst, Bomber. You might want to check your best week scores/week in the premier table. I'll keep this quiet so Beefy doesn't take the p**s.

Oh dear..

Yeah thanks for that Zin, and for keeping it quiet Dodgy

That's one I owe you Thumb up
I don't want to be Beefy thank you Wink
Yay Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Mid table start, need to do much better to hold off the Beefy surge!!!!
Beefys surge .....
It's the same every year !!!
Good job as I say the cream always rises to the top ....
Mini surge starts this week the Sunami the week after :-)
Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
I did think i had 4 correct results: Spurs, Qpr, shef w, and Manu games, and -6pts on the g/b and b/b = 2pts?
(12-08-2019, 17:32)Baggiebob(BBB) Wrote: I did think i had 4 correct results: Spurs, Qpr, shef w, and Manu games, and -6pts on the g/b and b/b = 2pts?

You had Huddersfield to win at QPR and the game ended in a draw.
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