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Peru v Scotland
This will be an interesting match v a S American side that has qualified for Russia 2018 and it will be a Scotland side riddled with up n coming young Scot players who will hopefully be pushing for a full Scotland position when the serious games crop up in the Autumn.
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FT Peru 2 Scotland 0 and one could say that it was a reasonable performance from a 'scratch team' that certainly 'kept it's shape' and suckered by a goalie named Archer who was not clever on the loss of two avoidable goals. However, no shots on the Peru goal worthy of some criticism and McLeish's defensive stategy prob the main reason for that plus Phillips is not a natural CF. Still, we were were not thrashed and onward to Mexico City for the second friendly match, IMO more challenging because of the altitude issue.
Some scathing comments on the BBC site regarding "Quality"

Ive football annuals from 1986 which note Scotland`s lack of quality at the WC and only standout player being Gordon Strachan! This of course is the same Scotland who had Miller, McLeish, Souness, McStay, Nicol, D Cooper etc and didn't even bring Daglish, Hansen, McClair, Levein,M Johnstone, etc

I`m really glad to be honest that young and SPL players are being used rather than the ones who have failed badly so many times
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