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Denmark 0 France 0 - the 1st 0-0 draw of this tournament!
I strongly fancied this match to be a boring 0-0 scoreline between two group qualifiers who were happy to play it this way - to the extent of placing a £30 bet on that forecast and, hey presto, exactly as I expected. Thankfully no fluky goals or any other bizarre goal incident - a good, qualified bet and very happy indeed!
Commentators called it boring. Well don't blame the players, blame FIFA. This kind of format, it's always gonna happen.
Of course it is LS! The most infamous WC 0-0 'bounce match' was Austria v W Germany @ Spain '82 to the detriment of Algeria (sensationally beat the the Germans in the 1st group match) and final game group matches are there to be deliberately manipulated to gain an advantage - one of many similar iffy final group games down the years but that one was an absolute disgrace and worthy of some kinda FIFA retribution!
Not really sure there is much else they can do to prevent these boring draws you can get in the last games. I suppose its just all about how the draw comes out and who faces who in the last game. England's group has come out with the two favorites playing in the final match and as they both won their opening games that too could end 0-0, whereas Spain played Portugal first in their group. Not sure why it came out that way.

As I said, not sure how else they could do the group stage and not see these games come up.
The two top seeds should play each other first.
(26-06-2018, 23:35)Lord Snooty Wrote: The two top seeds should play each other first.

That has happened in three groups at this WC, and in two others it was the second game with the rest being the 3rd game. Any idea how the schedule is decided??
Yep. I'm assuming that FIFA just 'pull names out the hat' to set up the various lists of group fixtures for such a world cup competition.
Its hasn't worked to badly this time around though, only 3 groups were decided after the first two games, Uruguay/Russia yesterday, France/Denmark today and England/Belgium, the rest have multiple teams still chasing the top 2, with 2 groups having all 4 teams still in with a shot.
Yep! It shows up the difference with these teams having to compete until the end and, of course, it maintains interest.
Aren't they going to change it to groups of three or something when they increase the number of teams involved?
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