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Where has it gone ? - Blue Baggie - 12-01-2020

I will ask !! Where has our money gone £18 million surplus in transfers and £45 million in parachute payments. That's £63 million and we don't have any money for new signings. Exactly the same as last January Darren Moore had £10 million profit from transfers, that he wanted to spend on Dack. We had £55 million parachute payments and when January came we had no money.

RE: Where has it gone ? - St Charles Owl - 12-01-2020

While your point still stands, your parachute payments for last season were 42.6m and this season its 34.9m, same for Stoke and Swansea, so you are doing somewhat better than both of them!! As I say, your point still stands as to where has the money gone.

RE: Where has it gone ? - Beefy 1965 - 12-01-2020

But unless I was watching a different press conference on Friday Slaven Clearly states we have money left over to spend from the summer as we sold more than we bought.
What fans have to grasp here is that from day one Lai said he would not spend anything and run it the way JP had for years.
This hasn't changed, if anyone's to blame it's JP for turning down the fosuns , Rember them ?
Because he flogged us a story he would only sell to someone who would take the club forward.
Where are Wolves now ?
JP sold to the highest bidder loaned 4 million to Lai ?????
Yep that's right and we are more than likely never to see that again.
The whole shit stinks and money problems lye with that rich prat living in a tax free haven Angry

RE: Where has it gone ? - Blue Baggie - 12-01-2020

While I agree 100% what Bilic said, but the Daily Mail ran a story saying "Transfer funds will be extremely limited this month"
this despite all the good work he has done.
I agree Lai said the club would simply not have cash given, but things change - if we don't get promotion we are going to have to find 40 million from somewhere just to
balance the books next season and 60 million based on our current running costs when the parachute payments end.
(If money is being taken out of the club by Jenkins / Lai this could be a valid reason we have no money)
Try looking for Baggies eye cash injection 0n the Daily Mail to read the article. Sry It wont let me copy/paste or do a link.(showing in
Still it makes my original question valid.
It's a general rule of thumb now championship clubs need 25 million to survive - either rich owners willing to chuck money at it or continual selling of players is the only way to survive as a club in this division.
The escape route is promotion and the 100 million the PL gives per season.

RE: Where has it gone ? - wba13 - 12-01-2020

Sorry will not have it that we have no money to spend . I think we better wait until end of transfer window and see what deals have been done. I still think we will bring 2 in and one will be a striker.

RE: Where has it gone ? - drewks - 12-01-2020

I'm not sure that any of us plebs REALLY understand the finances and the ins & outs of how a football club operates. (Apologies to any that are more 'in the know' than the rest!)
Let's just wait and see.

RE: Where has it gone ? - Ska'dForLife-WBA - 13-01-2020

(12-01-2020, 23:57)drewks Wrote: I'm not sure that any of us plebs REALLY understand the finances and the ins & outs of how a football club operates. (Apologies to any that are more 'in the know' than the rest!)
Let's just wait and see.

Yeah, through the years I've seen a few fans on 606 and elsewhere who took a fierce interest in the club's published accounts, doing the sums themselves year after year, and that's absolutely right and fair: when this information's in the public domain, it's our prerogative to cast a watchful eye over it. But unfortunately, because the latest accounts are always a season or two out of date, it's pretty much impossible to nail down with any certainty what the war-chest should be in the current transfer window. It all comes down to guesswork sooner or later.

RE: Where has it gone ? - talkSAFT - 13-01-2020

I read a year or so ago that the Chinese Govt had blocked individuals investing money overseas, and that's why Lai has not put his hand in his pocket, and thus not been arsed to come and watch us. Because of this Rule, he's obviously not going to sell his £200m share for what it's now worth (£50m ?), but might sell if/when we get back up and stay up a year or 2.

Don't know if that was true. But....

Peace obviously wasn't aware of the Chinese Law when he sold, although he SHOULD have done more Due Diligence rather than take the biggest offer (if he REALLY cared about The Club). Why not take (say) 170 instead?? The greeeeedy b*steward!

Jez, Offer him 100 now - he'll take it. Then sell for 75 - you've still made an absolute fortune that you and family will never spend. (If you're a fan, that is!)

RE: Where has it gone ? - Beefy 1965 - 13-01-2020

That ban your on about Saft ended this September it was a time scale of 2 years from purchase or something like that,
This actually means the tight fooker can give us our 4 million loan back now Whistle

RE: Where has it gone ? - Blue Baggie - 13-01-2020

A small point to take into account when Lia purchased the club.
We had a reported 40 million war chest in cash in the bank.
Hence if he paid the reported 200 million - it was really 160 million.