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Hi All,

I Have been watching and viewing your threads since the old 606. I have finally taken the decision to make a contribution as I believe it is a very interesting time for the Baggies, a pivotal season. 

I will be trying to be positive as I would like to think of myself as a glass half full, may be even 2/3 full.

I like the forum and want to thank stairs and I will make a donation to try and help keep it going. I have viewed other forums but this is my fave.


My favourite poster is Josh, please keep providing your in depth information, love it.

Followed quickly by Dingle Dingle, I always check whether there is a joke of the day, which I share with the wife.

Special mention to Beefy, keep up the sense of humour, and please provide us with any more leads re new signings.

Finally got to mention Blue Baggie, I do share your worries as to where we are going, such as Lai not putting his hand in his pocket, but I disagree that we are being fleeced. I agree with what you are saying sometimes but you seem to take the doom and gloom down a level sometimes, try and stay positive.

We have worked on tight budgets for years, Jeremy never put his hand in his pocket either, but he did manage the club well and even with a week to go when we were worried, we would not have enough players to form a reasonable side, people were brought in, always in the areas which were needed. (although Anichebe was a last minute mistake).

To all who have contributed, thanks for the entertainment over the last few years and I look forward to being involved in the future.
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Welcome good Sir - ignore anything I post I talk absolute rubbish most of the time. I still believe we are being stripped bty.
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If you cannot convince them! confuse them?   Tongue
Warm welcome also from the Baggieman!
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I like you already :-)

But you spoilt it by saying Josh was your favourite poster ...

Shame on you ... !!
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Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
Welcome to the forum sir.

Ignore Beefy. He can be a jealous biatch sometimes. Whistle
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Welcome, good to have you with us. I'm moving over near Harrogate soon, so be careful!
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Welcome onboard, by far the best chat room for anything to do with the Baggies!

welcome to the nut house
have fun and remember.............
we are all nutters on here
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Fully Fledged Member Of The "Hootsforce"
Welcome Harrow new myself hope we come up with some decent conflab for you.
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A baggie in Harrogate? Surprised they let you in.
You know why they put an H at the start of it's name. If you call it 'arrogate, you can't come in. Big Grin

Only joking! Welcome to Sportsbabble. Don't forget we have loads of other forums to join in.
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