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Name Change
After an absence of one season Derby County have returned to their original name, having spent a season being called Frank Lampard's Derby County they thought it would be inappropriate this season as Frank has left. Philip Cocu's Derby County does not have the same ring about it.
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Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

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A lot has been made about Lampard sure he seems a smart guy and talks well but hardly overachieved, I think most will say his success came from his loan players

Cocu is a proven manager who built some good PSV teams many of those players have gone onto a higher level, Fenerbache was the wrong move sideways
Pretty sure foreign managers know the Championship more than we give them credit for
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coco cucco or cucko hasnt got a chance hell be potted by xmas ..the dutch league is one of the weakest in europe apart from Ajax ...fact weve got 2 dutchys and there both wank ! and as for the Turkish league ..well its more about whos youre chairman and which politician is buying the games !

not got a chance in this championship 3 games every other bloody week seperates the men from softies !
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Weakest league in Europe or the best exporter of talent in Europe? For the biggest selling league it does not do half bad, nor is it just Dutch players i`m sure Ibra, Suarez, Eriksen among the many who could testify

I`m intrigued that Derby have done a lot of development through Daren Wassall in their academy basing it actually on the Ajax system, that they have acquired a name manager and legendary player in Cocu is actually a far bigger appointment than some bloke whose claim to fame is being married to someone who used to present the One show. Of course your average football fan says Cocu who? Because when they say Barcelona all they know is Ronaldinho and Messi

Fair play though you have hardly done well with Gerald Sibon, Reggie Blinker, Orlando Trustfull, Glenn Loovens or Gilles de Bilde from the Dutch league although I thought Marc Degryse`s one year spell wasn't bad
degrayser was from belgium is a piss poor league when you look at the likes of den hagg etc ...its a bit like the old celtic rangers and somtimes aberdeen or hearts ...not any of the other clubs could compete in the championship !apart from berkamp i cant remeber any other that actually did something in our leagues ?as for managers ???? less ! van gaal springs to mind you where saying ?

saurez is not dutch by the way ..which brings me back to the point ..this muppet will be potted by xmas !
Degryse, now did he sign from Anderlecht then go to PSV or did you buy from PSV and he went to Ghent, long time ago!

Apart from Bergkamp, Ok, Van Nistelrooy, Muhren, Robben, Stam, Zenden, Thijjsen, Van Persie, Van Hooijdonk, Kuyt, Van der Vaart, Van Dijk, Overmars, Bouma, Van der Saar, De Goey, Van Aanholt, Davids, Segers, Boateng, Wijnaldum, Ake, I could go on but fair to say every league has had their Marco Boogers who dosent quite fit
Dick Advocaat, Ronald Koeman, Ruud Gullit and Guus Hiddink?

Certainly wont knock the quality of the Championship which is often a lot more interesting than the "Hotels on Park lane and Mayfair" in the EPL and becoming hugely boring, I want to see player development not just cash thrown at everything (hence why the Championship and the Erdevisie have a lot of my attention)

I can agree about Den Haag and yes you do get also rans, its a slower tempo of football, yet just like the SPL whose quality gets oft knocked you do get some Andy Robertson style jewels coming through. David Neres and Frenkie de Jong are just two who didn't come through the Ajax system but arrived from smaller clubs, the likes of Herenveen and AZ Alkmaar do produce quality players but not quite enough to trouble the usual dominant three teams.
while i obviuosly missed a million names Laugh i can only give you 5 out of 10 for that debate as half were shite and some only played here for 3 seconds Whistle also obviuosly the Ajax system but im just saying that wont be working at fc whoever they are as it doesnt take into account that you need about 30 years to implement it and 15 games a week will see coco beans on the wrong side of the fans before xmas and sacked !
I really hope not, there was a lot of media grumbling about Bielsa and Farke last year being foreign coaches in the Champs yet both brought about some great football and were both part of bringing young UK players into the first team something Derby started to do also
Dare I point out Ajax was founded by Englishmen? I hope we do as a Footballing nation continue to attempt to copy their model as we have in recent years, look how Germany and Belgium hit the skids and went the Dutch way. I dont know how long the 300M transfer kitty of some clubs and 500K a week wages is sustainable for? Personally think it`ll implode sooner than later and those who are developing talent in the long term will be the winners.
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