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Come on guys
Following a suggestion Stairs has set up a just giving page.
Get whatever you can afford on it if you havent already, it would be a shame to lose this board.
I've put my hand in my pocket and just 9 members have almost covered 20% of the total required.
The link is at the top of the page.
Hope it works.
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Big Bore Exhaust = Small Dick
Cheers for this.

Guys, literally £4 each is all we need, if everyone stepped up across the board. It would cover support and management for the whole of next season.

We hate asking like this but it will secure the site, stop it crashing and we can have someone address the faults and maybe add features.

We have already committed to moving to a new hosting service based on the support shown already and we have paid someone to look at the ghost name problems. I think this is now addressed but I am watching closely.

Here's for years more quality conversation and debate on Sportsbabble.
Donation made for a very worthwhile cause. More than happy to contribute.

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C’mon lads - nearly halfway.
Bung a few quid in the tin to keep this great site going.
You might even get a sixth or extra star !!!   Wink

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I'm in, donation made, keep up the good work, best football forum on the planet.

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Haven’t got round to donating yet because I’ve been in-between jobs since moving back down to Cornwall.

I’m back in work now so I’ll be donating when my first pay comes through.
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Finally got round to donating. It’s only a fiver but it’s something at least.
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More than our transfer budget, Josh.
(03-07-2019, 21:59)Baggievicar Wrote: More than our transfer budget, Josh.

At this rate a £5 donation to a Slaven Bilić Transfer Fund might actually go a long way this summer.

Just imagine what talent he can find with a fiver. It’ll be £4.99 more than what he currently has.
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