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Come on guys
Following a suggestion Stairs has set up a just giving page.
Get whatever you can afford on it if you havent already, it would be a shame to lose this board.
I've put my hand in my pocket and just 9 members have almost covered 20% of the total required.
The link is at the top of the page.
Hope it works.
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Big Bore Exhaust = Small Dick
The original post is now on the top of the page .. i doubt we will muster up much as most of our at least 10 members wont come back on here untill the pre season games start ..some as late as the season starting .Thats the normal anyway !

Im skint you do realise what i fiver can buy you in mexico Whistle so maddix will pay my part as the money grabbing hunt is always working weekends Laugh
I’ve contributed, don’t want the site to disappear like we have seen before, doesn’t take a lot for us to make a difference.
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