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Come on Guys
Following a suggestion Stairs has set up a just giving page.
Get whatever you can afford on it if you havent already, it would be a shame to lose this board.
I've put my hand in my pocket and just 9 members have almost covered 20% of the total required.
The link is at the top of the page.
Hope it works.
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We really need to move to a more stable hosting platform. Stairs and Mark have done wonders for us but we need a bit of cash to keep it going. Just £4 per member would do it. Thank you.
I'll put a 5er in. Can't really afford much more at present
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Thank you jj, more than enough.
Super thanks - if everyone follows your lead jjamez we are home and dry and the site will be secure
Just a reminder. The site still needs donations to make it more stable.

We have £827. We need another £373 for this year.

£5 per year from every member would do it.

Thank you.
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