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Women's World Cup 2019
Is underway and off to a good start for the host nation.

France 4-0 Korea Republic
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Their TEAM is off to a good start, but apparently around Paris you wouldn't really know the tournament is happening. Apparently there is plenty of visual noise about Roland Garros and the tennis ............ but even there most matches play out in front of a sparse audience and the organisers seem unusually keen both to get Djokovic to the final rather than Thiem and to minimise any interest in women's sport by arranging their semi finals as far from the limelight as possible.

I hope the French women can galvanise their strangely uninvolved nation after their 4-0 win (admittedly against a team physically incapable of mounting a realistic challenge against them).
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So the Spanish are spawny in women's football as well! Rolleyes

Two dodgy penalties and a red card got them through to a 3-1 win over South Africa today. Whistle
England vs. Scotland

Early goal for England. VAR penalty for hand ball. Shocker of a decision.

Still 1-0. Keeper's keeping Scotland in it.
Cruel - if this is the new rule the. Let’s hope it is applied equally. I doubt it will.
White 2-0.

Good pressure from England and quality finish.

Scotland back in it. And it's been coming.
Should be 1-1 with the dodgy penalty
FT Eng 2-1 Sco
Scotland beaten 2-1 by Japan. But once again, it's VAR under the spotlight. A blatant handball by the Jap defender not given. But not just not given, not even referred.
Consistency is a must if VAR is to work. Without it, it's pointless.
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Argie keeper written off by commentators. Saves a penalty. Rolleyes
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