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Nothing Like A Close Game......
......and was nothing like one
poor old Burton
Man City 9-0 Burton
still have a second leg to play yet
still they did well getting to a semi-final
have to say the city fans were a bit nasty towards the end
screaming for 10
shame on them
All to play for in the 2nd leg then!!! Whistle
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(10-01-2019, 02:26)St Charles Owl Wrote: All to play for in the 2nd leg then!!! Whistle

City will be desperate not to concede early...who knows what might might happen if they do!

As Burton knocked out the Vile in an earlier round of this competition, perhaps it puts into perspective the view from our "massive club" neighbours that their rightful place is in the Premier League. Villa managed zero in their game with Burton and, last night, City proved that it's not easy to score against them so no wonder Villa struggled. Whistle
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