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Group 3: Russia 5 Saudi 0
A great start for the host nation and good to see that positivity coming alive as it will be great for the tournament. Saudi never started this game and comprehensively demolished by an attack-minded Russian team that impressed for the entire game.
Strange result as the Russians are supposedly the lowest ranked team in the competition. Whistle
Not sure the rankings ever mean anything, but especially not in the opening match of a world cup in your own country!!!
Believe it or not I watched this game in a Brazilian bar in Glasgow city table to me were some Russians....and the table next to them were some Saudis with flags and face paint and everything.
And it nearly kicked off when the Russians cheered the last goal.
I know who my money would have been on had a fight started.
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I'm worried about Shep's complex life. Where will he be for the Egypt v Uruguay match?

To be fair Russia has a few "decent" players in Fernades, Zhirkov, Zobnin, Golovin, Dzagoev (out of the tournament?) and his sub Cheryshev ........ but I can't see their defence handling Suarez, Cavani and co or the young Uruguayan midfield, and if Salah is really fit they'll struggle with him too.

The Saudi left back Al Shahrani looked a player and Al Dawsari had a bit of pace and skill in midfield but they were essentially Chesterfield. They had the ball a lot, looked nice at times, gave it up ridiculously easily and seemed unaware of the function of those goalposts strategically positioned at either end of the field. Their centre backs looked like centre backs, but couldn't track each other, anticipate the opposition, or pass. I'm 66 next week ......... that neat little headed first goal had very little power ...... I'd have been catching that never mind stopping it, where else was he going to head it- the keeper had no spring or anticipation, I don't think he made a save in the match and on the final goal he produced a dive stolen from either the Bash Street Kids, or Kes. Their centre forward set off like a centre forward, but he was just for show, up against a 38 year-old retiree he never threatened. If Saudi Arabia wasn't on the world rich list I'd have believed Putin bought this one. Saudi Arabia played like an academy team in a friendly.

Has Saudi bought a win in the qualifying round in Qatar with this defeat? Infantino was neatly positioned between Putin and the Saudi Prince .......
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