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2018 World Mixed Doubles Championships
Run in conjunction with the Seniors competition, the Mixed Doubles has 5 Groups of 8 teams each, making it the biggest World Championship tournament. The number of curling nations expand again in Oestersund, with Guyana making their international debut. The style of Mixed Doubles made it's debut in the Winter Olympics this year and was very well received, because of the number of stones in play during each end.

The Groups are as follows:-
Group A: Australia, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland and United States.
Group B: Belarus, Croatia, Denmark, England, Hungary, Norway, Romania and Turkey.
Group C: Estonia, Finland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, New Zealand, Poland and Russia.
Group D: China, Spain, France, Hong Kong, Israel, Scotland, Slovakia and Sweden.
Group E: Austria, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Guyana, Ireland and Korea.

As well as names for the Home Nations competitors, we also have photographs!
England - Anna Fowler and Tom Jaeggi
[Image: 2z9cqjt.jpg]

Scotland - Jayne Stirling and Fraser Kingan
[Image: 2e1zi83.jpg]

Ireland - Jen Ward and Eoin McCrossan
[Image: 16hu8t4.jpg]

Their opening games are:-
Tomorrow - Scotland v Israel, Ireland v Canada, England v Hungary.
Sunday - England v Turkey, Czech Republic v Ireland, Slovakia v Scotland
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Not only are the Doubles Mixed, but so are the results so far, which are Scotland 12 Israel 1, Ireland 0 Canada 12, England 4 Hungary 11, England 4 Turkey 9, Czech Republic 11 Ireland 2.

Monday's games will be Scotland v France, Ireland v Korea, Scotland v Sweden and Norway v England.
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Sunday's late night game saw Scotland defeat Slovakia 10-3 and then went on to beat France 6-2 on Monday morning, but lost 6-8 against Sweden after being 6-2 up with 2 ends to go in the evening game. Ireland were thrashed 1-10 by Korea in their only game on Monday with England losing 6-12 to Norway, despite being 6-6 with 2 ends to go.

Of the Home Nations, only Scotland have recorded any wins so far, leading their Group with 3 wins out of 4 along with China, Spain and Sweden.

Tomorrow sees Germany v Ireland, Belarus v England, Hong Kong v Scotland, England v Denmark and Guyana v Ireland.
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Guyana? That seems an odd place to have a curling team. But they are one of our Commonwealth countries, so I suppose, why not?

talking of which, why don't we have a Commonwealth Winter Games?
I suppose it's because the Commonwealth doesn't do winters, it's only the UK and Canada! Amazingly enough there have been 3 Commonwealth Winter Games in 1958, 1962 and 1966, but never in the Commonwealth - they were held in St Moritz, Switzerland. I've found a photograph of a Bronze medal, but I've no idea who the medallists were, nor the events held.

[Image: 2aescnn.jpg]
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Nice bit of research there, Ritchiebaby. Smartass
That's the beauty of being retired, Snooty.  Thumb up

Today's results were Germany 10 Ireland 5, Belarus 7 England 4, Hong Kong 1 Scotland 12, England 10 Denmark 8, Guyana 11 Ireland 4. Scotland now lead their Group on 4 wins, along with China and Sweden, but Spain and France are only 1 win behind, meaning nobody can relax just yet. England have recorded their 1st win, with Ireland still waiting. In the battle of the bottom teams, Guyana, after a poor start, have now won their last 2 games.

Wednesday's games - Spain v Scotland, England v Croatia, Ireland v Austria.
Thursday's games - Ireland v Brazil, Scotland v China, Roumania v England.
A tough finish for Scotland, but with France and Sweden playing each other tomorrow, the final Group game between Scotland and China might prove very significant for all 5 teams still in the running.
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The Wednesday results were Spain 6 Scotland 8, England 8 Croatia 4 and Ireland 3 Austria 11.

With Scotland, China and Sweden all winning their games, these 3 teams have qualified for the next stage with 1 game still to play. The top 16 qualifiers from the 5 Groups will play in a knock-out format on Friday, but these teams on 5 wins each cannot be overtaken.  Switzerland, Norway, Hungary, Turkey, Estonia, Canada and Korea are the other definite qualifiers. Unfortunately, England and Ireland will not be in contention for the remaining 6 places.
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Today's results - Ireland 6 Brazil 7, Scotland 8 China 5, Roumania 8 England 9.

Ireland failed to win any games in their Group and England finished with 3 wins in 6th place, the wins coming in their final 3 games. Scotland comfortably qualified with 6 wins in 2nd place in Group D.

The Last 16 games are Korea v Finland, Scotland v Japan, Sweden v China, Norway v Russia, Estonia v Turkey, Canada v Czech Republic, USA v Hungary and Switzerland v Italy. They will be played tomorrow followed by the Quarter-finals, with the Semi-finals and Medal Games on Saturday. There are also Ranking Games to be played by the losers at each stage to provide an overall position for each country.
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In the Last 16, Scotland stumbled and fell by the wayside as they lost 2-10 to Japan, who started well and finished with a flourish. Scotland then recovered well to beat Finland 8-4 in the Ranking Games for the losing teams, to qualify for the B Semi-finals against Norway. Italy play Czech Republic in the other game.

Meanwhile, in the main event, the Semi-finals are Korea v Russia and Switzerland v Canada.
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