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Jamie Carragher - suspend or sack?

Reading Sky's official statement re Carragher's 'error of judgement', should he be sacked for basically becoming a thug and joining the footie thug community. The FA is trying to attract more n more families back to watching footie and Carragher is seen offending in such a crass manner - effectively 'found out' on camera! Yet Sky officials appear to be applying this cute ploy of 'letting the dust settle' and let the guy eventually slink back into the limelight - hypocrites and no serious principled stand taken re this offence by one of their star pundits! Gary Neville must be 'creasing himself'!
Poor judgement by Carr and a guy using a phone whilst driving but spitting at a 14 year old girl cannot defend that
Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

@themaclad  twitter account
Definitely poor judgement, but should it be a sackable offence?? It is interesting to hear the girl asking her dad to stop it and not get involved with Carragher.

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