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Boing Boing's v Town 24/02/18
[Image: YImhkONdXX6FTwjqKDkUNRsvCSrNvSNIthbwFjCA...02-h144-no]

West Brom v Huddersfield
Saturday 24th February 2018
15:00 (or 3 o'clock in old money)
Just off J1. M5
Next to the traffic jams
North of Smethwick, South of Wa'sall
West Bromwich,
B71 4LF

It may be a Brummie postcode but they baint be Brummies baint these lads. They'am Yam Yams 'n' prard on it they'am too.  Thumb up

AmChaff is champin' on the bit fer this 'un. She got so impatient waiting fo't'thread to be posted so she can schmooze wit' lads from the Black Country she sent me a little note to ask of a were still dooin' it like. Well, I'll giyit a goo and see ar we doo, aw right bab?

Any road - just to get you in the mood for the match, here's a little ditty.

It's all gone Pear Shaped.

The Boing, Boing Baggies steadied the ship, eventually stopped boinging around and this is now the 6th straight season in the Prima Donna League (if i counted it reet). Then, all of a sudden, like everyone else round these here parts, they became a Chinese Takeaway. Now, to begin with, they were the only one of the 4 big'uns that looked like common sense had set in. The new owners didn't rock the boat and mid-table obscurity was safely secured. Another reasonable start last season had a few maybe dreaming of Europe, then it started. Fans grumbles about Pulis's dire to watch football seemed to be hitting home with the players and a record of next to bugger all wins in the whole of 2017 eventually got him the sack.

In came Alan Pardew, who's aim was to play some better football and steady the ship. Well, better football is the shoout of the Baggies fans, but he certainly steadied the ship. Can't get any steadier than a rock solid 20th and at least three wins away from getting the right side of the trap door, which happens to be where we're sat right now. Only 1 win so far has Pards job on the line. In a strange (to outsiders) move, the owner sacked the board. Unsurprisingly that had no effect on the teams results.

Now there's still a couple of days to goo yet, but if he's gone by Friday night, it willl be a hat-trick of sides Town will have faced this season (not counting Sumer sackings) who have a new chap in place for the first time. OK, this one might be temp'ry, but 3 all the same. On the other hand, the press are saying if we gi' 'em a battering, he'll be gone anyway. With our record against clubs around us, we're the one's more likely to get battered.

[Image: ge1MjN3FaFHsUYwV4Tn_uaEihjCWtAxCUOTUIe-W...85-h637-no]

Dow look great fu' either on us to be 'onest.

Head Banging
Head2Head town have a slight advantage. Other than last November we ain't seen each other for a while though, so it's all watter under t'bridge.

[Image: 8HEN70Z6tpy4xMLWF22rGzMt24eZgN_-U558bh8i...37-h658-no]

How are the locals?
As friendly as they come - as long as you don't wear a Wolves shirt.
This song will tell you as much about 'em as you'll ever need to know  Whistle

Like we don't know any road. Bunch o' bostin folk on these boards the Baggies Fans  Thumb up

Who's laikin' for 'em?

In the Arrivals Hall

They've splashed a bit of the new owners brass this season.
[Image: 8ShEBXY4ptSP147Ao_HhjpTBaQXQKyl_QN9Zsmyj...16-h589-no]

In the Departure Lounge
They got a few expensive wages off the bill too, but dain't cash many Czechs at the bank doing it.
[Image: ukJKxSJC8_cnftUbTw_EI6_x5z3qI9zUfwp9h8Je...11-h470-no]

Who is banging 'em in?
Well a certain Mr. Rondon came up with this peach of an effort last week

Beyond that it's a chap with a name that don't sound too Black Countrey but round here, tha' never knows.
[Image: MZHuRoehp5pIhgltuVQQPhc6a8vtAbTy6Sa9Tcm-...15-h539-no]

1° Cooler.
AmChaff did an excellent bit about the 3 Degrees in her thread back in November, so no need for a repeat here. It's been a week or two now but we can still all doff our collective caps to the recently departed, brilliant footballer that was Cyrille Regis. He was the same age as me, so he was far too young to go and play five-a-side in the sky.

Last time out
Well, we're both concentrating on the League now.  Whistle

[Image: 8miQp9ZlLEvXN6YtL42miDTNGcT7GjqHqiQCGtoV...12-h325-no]
[Image: PxQHernM1Bb0taC06Eeg9re1bEm067ss2GFG7VxN...14-h330-no]

Will Mooy be back for us?
[Image: sport-preview-aaron-mooy1.jpg]
Or were we really better without him last Saturday as some are trying to claim? We still couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo stood next to a barn door, which sums up both teams to be honest.

They can't both win
This weekends fixtures throws up a fair sprinkling of teams in the mire playing against each other.

[Image: ww8Buve_LRgE6Lhf2pHeJ9h91YZsS2mKamuHZ7m3...07-h385-no]

Pies'n'pees n where to park an' all that.
Either go back and trawl through all my old Brum and Wolves (and maybe the odd Villa) threads for beer and grub - parking near their grounds isn't recommended.

Otherwise, these guys have it sussed. Tongue
Where the scram is, the pubs, the parking, the traffic jams (bloody nightmare round here these days).

Some better local advice on here - I thoroughly recommend this pub too  Thumb up  Cheers Sir Megson  Beer

Local News.

Down the street where you live?

Helluva problem on a slow news day t'other week.
Some folk thought it weren't reet that some other folk had to live on a street in Rowley Regis called Bell End.

Well, if they don't like it there, they can allus move round t'corner. Street on t'end is called Mincing Lane. Now what's wrong with that?

Anyroad, if you are coming to the match - here's some sound advice from a local chap. Over to you chap.

Couldn't put it better mi'sen.

Tararabit.  Tongue

There now follows a Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Yam Yam Party.

Quick question - now that Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbugs and more important Tesco are ditching the 5p plastic bag, what are the Dingles fans gonna sing about? knowing those dull bast retards, probably the same stupid songs.

Bollox, I've had to remove a video because I'm only allowed 5. The Paty Political Broadcast will be on the next post.
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Great stuff. And I have been known to nag you before, nowt to do wi' it being t'Baggies. Tongue
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Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball.
Please don't beat us too badly.

Alles Gut.
(23-02-2018, 01:23)Amelia Chaffinch Wrote: Great stuff. And I have been known to nag you before, nowt to do wi' it being t'Baggies. Tongue

Too right you have Miss Bossy Britches Laugh
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Reasons to drink real ale
[Image: c258fe308066c13663718b49d134b4123275c723...215a_large]
No retreat lads. No Surrender
Real Ale + Liver + Kidneys = Bud
I don't think you're in any danger of that, Josh.
Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball.
I make this about our 10th must win game so far this season,
By my calculations we have won one of them against Brighton,

So nothing to worry about guys Laugh
Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
We'm on fer a roit ommerin Sad
Great write up ...... welcome to The Hawthorns ...... for a thrill a minute, well maybe a thrill a ninety minute

20+ shots on goal last week, I think 7 were on target, there was more danger for Birmingham international airport and traffic on the M5 than the saints goal ....... most of us our hoping for survival but resigned to swapping places with the dingles from the custard bowl. Only thing that would soften the blow slightly for me would be for clayheads to join us and the vile to miss out on going the other way .....

Hoping for a Baggies win but with your strikers and our strikers being so prolific there will be no danger to the grubby end of bovines anywhere near B71.

This has 0 - 0 written all over so bet on 4 - 4.
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If we play like we did v Man Utd or Bournemouth then I think we will win.
If we play like we did v Man Utd away or Liverpool at home we will lose.
At this moment in time, I don't know which team will show up.
A massive game for both teams though......this is what we signed up for when we came into this league...the pressure is intense.
In beer there is freedom, in wine there is health, in cognac there is power and in water there is bacteria
Nice one theo Thumb up Fair bostin I think. Big Grin

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