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Boing Boing's v Town 24/02/18
(14-03-2018, 17:26)jjamez Wrote: don't answer snoots, its a trap!

He already fell into the trap - he called Amelia "Lass"!!! He will be at the bottom of Blackmoorfoot Resavoir with weights attached to his ankles within the hour!!!
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(14-03-2018, 16:23)Amelia Chaffinch Wrote: TalkSAFT, It is not lost yet. I know it's looking grimmer than when I last said it but stranger things have happened. Keep bolstering them up on the pitch and who knows?

Thanks for the "nice try", Amy...... Laugh
But it sunk in with me on Saturday when I reactively applauded Leicester's equaliser (which was brilliant by the way).
I've never done that in 60 years.
As soon as I gave my treacherous hands a telling off, and put them back in my pocket, I knew we were beyond miracles.
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Start every day off with a smile and get it over with
We will have to keep an eye on what 'snoots' posts just to make sure it is actually him now Wink
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Sad Cool Laugh Tongue Tongue Big Grin Doh Rolleyes Wink Tongue
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[Image: 3857.jpg?w=300&q=55&auto=format&usm=12&f...af5941b37e]
(15-03-2018, 14:08)Lord Snooty Wrote: Sad  Cool  Laugh  Tongue  Tongue  Big Grin  Doh  Rolleyes  Wink  Tongue

Its the usual gibberish, so its him!! Whistle
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Its all a con. Am is playing us sco
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