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Nicola Sturgeon finally begins the process of separation!
Now the bbc tries to shut down "Wings over Scotland" and up here on bbc Scotland their spokesman, Ian Small, trying to fight off the criticism that his own bbc Scotland people did not know about this action. I've gotta say that this story is a massive PR boost for the Scottish independence movement and confirming this London, Oxbridge based bbc bias against Scottish independence!!!!! Thumb down Alex Salmond also joining in on the criticism and appearing almost statesmanlike in his condemnation of this action and the YouTube web site now reinstated and the bbc backing off with a "bloody nose" plus kudos to bbc Scotland for 'wading in" as well!!
And now a pro-Europe poll shows that the pro Scot indy support, post brexit, has passed the 50% mark at 52%! I want that percentage to gradually rise as the Tory and Labour parties simultaneously "fracture" over brexit and lets leave England behind to deal with the Johnsons, the slimy "con" called Rees Mogg and others like Farage and their quest for their real agenda of an English nationalist RW Britain! A nightmare! Here's a good Scots poem to end on that note and taunt those shameless, unionist #######s who have patronised Scots for being Scottish and having the audacity to try and finally break away from the Union even in a democratic way:-

You stuck by the union
Ye spouted their shite
But we the grassroots
Knew we were right

We did the rallies
The protests anaw
We stuck to our belief
Kept wur eye oan the baw

We won the war
on the online news
We kept it simple
With our factual views

You stuck tae yer lies
Yer manipulating cheating
And noo we're in front
We still hear ye bleating

People saw through you
And the change is on
Soon you and yer Union
Will be dead and Gone

Nuff said re the shameless scum who infested Scotland in Scot referendum year 2014 and many of them continued with their shit in EU referendum year 2016! Time to leave a Union that is well past it's sell by date!!
It was great to see the biggest Scot Indy march/rally in Edinburgh yesterday and reading some of the bullshit unionist crowd estimates (eg the bbc quoting 20k people - utter crap!) with the High St and Royal Mile swelling with what I reckon was about 80k plus people marching for Scot Indy. And listening/reading the derisory comments from Unionists still trying so hard to undermine the "insignificant" Scot Indy movement with the usual "poison" and "playing down" of this latest event/march - laughable behaviour, desperate and they hate the existence of the SI movement, pure n simple, together with their backing media friends and the British Regime who they pledge allegiance to!!! Also the counter demo by flag-waving Unionists on the Royal Mile, all 30 odd of them, was highly amusing esp watching them slink away after realising they were in the midst of a vast river of blue n white Scots! It was a wonderful event on a great, sunny day in Edinburgh with everyone having fun and enjoying the day out. To the dismay of lots n lots of our Unionist "friends" - no trouble, no poisonous hate behaviour, no criminal assaults on priests - truly magnificent and deserving of a standing ovation!! Well done to one and all and I salute you!!
Final note: PolicecScotland's estimate of the attendance - 190k!!!!!
Was the ' union ' formed when Scotland went bankrupt along with its' navy ?

If this is headline news then there isn't much wrong with the world .
No! This was actually the BIGGEST PRO-INDEPENDENCE EVENT IN SCOTLAND'S HISTORY! So why shouldn't the Scottish public not be given a fair reporting process "across the board" on an event in the Scottish capital (as big as the anti Brexit protests in London!!) that was certainly significant enough to be reported on!! That doesn't happen in Scotland mate and the bad old Scot govt, bad SNP, nasty Scot Indy movement ( how dare they exist and continue to march for Scot Indy!!!) Unionist campaign continues in all forms of activity for months n months n months n months...... As for the so called "impartial" bbc!!? They can #### off - well sussed out by observant Scots for a long time and continually fighting a defensive battle up here against the justifiable criticism!!
FF's sake take your independence .

Bigotry , excessive drinking & smoking et all .
What's that supposed to mean son??? I'll take the 1st line!! As for that drivel in your 2nd line? Stop it and behave yourself eh!!
(09-10-2018, 22:41)0762 Wrote: What's that supposed to mean son??? I'll take the 1st line!! As for that drivel in your 2nd line? Stop it and behave yourself eh!!

Three years time served . . .  Whistle
If the SNP want to win an independence campaign, they'll need to take a leaf out of the Brexit play book. Come up with a catchy slogan, blame everything on the current system, and don't do any detail.

If you ramp up the grievance, and Brexit goes really tits up AND time it right (probably after the Tories get back in down south) it'll probably work a treat.

Then point out that WM are happy for NI to essentially remain in BOTH the EU and the UK Single Market (sic) and set Corporation Tax independently, while Scotland would be the only constituent part of the UK that didn't get what it voted for re Brexit.

"a partnership of equals"........ remember that line ?
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Nicola being pragmatic and straight to the point as brexit talks suddenly hit another "barrier" and stall! Spot on from a Scottish viewpoint.

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