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NEXT SEASON ?????????????????
I can't believe I'm asking this, because it was a lot of hard work, but do you want a similar competition next season?

One of the troubles IMO last time round was that we were all pretty rubbish. Almost none of us selected surprisingly successful teams - no-one came up with Leicester, Northampton, Burton or East Fife, very very few came up with Wigan, Dunfermline or Cheltenham, the only popular star turns were Celtic and Rangers and a blind Howler Monkey could've picked them (well even I got one of them!). Failure teams were almost equally neglected, Villa, Bolton, Charlton, Colchester, Crewe, Doncaster, York, Dagenham, Kidderminster, Dundee United, Livingston, Cowdenbeath were hardly selected. SO if it were to run again I would propose dividing every division in two on the basis of bookie's odds. If you chose an unfancied team to do well you'd get double points on them every week ( good or bad), similarly if you picked a fancied team to be shite. I think it would introduce an element of gambling into the game AND encourage people to choose different teams (hopefully less of us would go for Chelsea and Man City). And there's be no limit to the number of rank outsiders or obvious favourites you chose.

Second, I'd give more points for achievements at the end of each month. A selected team would still get points for being top each month, but there'd be bonuses for the top goalscoring teams home and away and the best defence home and away ...... and the opposite for the teams selected to be unsuccessful.

So my questions are, does anyone want me to do this next season, and do you like the idea of improving it a bit.

I still like the idea of a competition fans of any of the clubs on here could enter, and hopefully talk about ......

Happy Euros.
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Sounds good to me, Devon. Don't over complicate it for yourself though.
Marco ran our prediction league using bookies odds and I could never get my head round it.
If you are willing to run then I am willing to take part again. Up to you with regards to changes but my only thought would be to have something in there that requires regular participation by those taking part, that will draw more interest through the season.
Yes. Transfers. I can't even remember which teams I had last season.
Same again, please. I thought it was brilliant! Whistle

I think you might be in danger of overcomplicating it if you add too much for next season, but that's up to you. There's not very much you can do re more regular participation, other than checking all the tables you put up, but again that's the nature of the competition. A little bit of skill and a fair bit of luck is all you need, and that is the beauty of the existing format.

I'll certainly enter again, no matter what is decided.
Cabbage is still good for you
I'll be very happy to take part next season.

More to Football than the Premier League and SKY
The only trouble with adding in something you do every week is that I not only would have to update scores every week, but also the changes ........... and get it right. I had to admit to a few errors last season as it was.

One thing I could do relatively easily is a weekly as well as an overall table ........ and the High scorer each week would win him/herself 20 bonus points each week and the weekly idiot would lose 20. So I'd be headlining a weekly winner (and loser). Name and shame I say.
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I'll take part. That should reduce the number of people doing it.  Rolleyes  Tongue  Whistle
I'd take part if not too complicated (I don't have time to tweak squads and stuff).

The Albion board used to have a prediction league but it fell out of use (arguments over scoring). But I am sure a few on their would join if told about it. If enough from a variety of boards wanted to take part we could have the thread at the head of the board and not down here.
Don't worry Stairs I've neither the time nor the inclination, nor even attractive enough equipment to twerk squads every week.

There'd be a Christmas transfer window.

Basically you pick eight teams to do well and eight to be rubbish, the major tweak I'm proposing from last season amounts to giving double points when you choose a rubbish team to do well or a good team to be shite. I'll publish lists dividing every division into Good and Rubbish teams (based on bookies odds).
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