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Aston Villa Manager
03/06/2016 : Confirmation of appointment, Steve Clark to be assistant manager, although that is not mentioned here :

AVFC - Roberto Di Matteo named as new Villa manager

Welcome to the new management team, let this be the start of a great revival.

Wiki - Roberto Di Matteo

Wiki - Stephen "Steve" Clarke
Oooh he's got a job there! Can't see owt but another year of struggle at Villa Park. Wouldn't be surprised if they did a Wolves and dropped another league.
Problems with squad and problems with new owner 'not fit to own a football club'. Shows how desperate those two are to get a job at the moment. They may have attached themselves to lead weights plummeting down the league.
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Personaly i think Aston villa with di matteo and his zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz football will be in for a top 6 spot whoever stays or goes on the field ? and i say top 6 because they will struggle early on in the season so points will be dropped here the same applies to newcastle as changing a squad around or trying to play with a premier league team seems to take time to adjust and if you have a bad august and september then youve just blown your chances of an automatic spot these days in the championship !!
If Villa stay with their current squad then they would be battling relegation next season. But that is not going to happen, they have to strengthen. The problem they may have is getting the ownership fully ratified, whether he is fit to own them I have no idea but if it drags on then they may not have time to do much business while the club is in limbo, and that could really hurt them in the first half of the season.
06/06/2016 : Official confirmation of the backroom appointments, being Steve Clarke, Kevin Bond, Massimo Battara and Massimiliano Marchesi, respectively as Assistant Manager, first team coach, goalkeeping coach and fitness coach.

Steve Clarke to assist Roberto Di Matteo.

AVFC - New Villa backroom team announced
13/10/2016 : Most folks approach the appointment of Steve Bruce yesterday sensibly : that he is an experienced football manager with a good track record, a record that suits the current requirements of AVFC.  I am one of those 'most folks', so let us back Steve Bruce in his endeavours. He has not joined Aston Villa to get our Club relegated, he has joined AVFC to get us back to where we belong and with his record, should succeed. If he fails on the field, then it will be right to criticise him, but give the man a chance first.

To the minority who castigate Steve Bruce for his previous tenure at Birmingham City ... that stance is both puerile and pathetic, so grow up !
There also needs to be a touch of realism about expectations this season. Don't burden him with automatic promotion, let the playoffs be a bonus and give him time to build the team for next season.
Going down Villa.
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Poisoned chalice.

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