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Full Version: What if ?: Hearts win the SPL !
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It`s a very, very long shot and I expect Celtic to start to claw back at some point, but it`s an interesting year with a good chasing pack

But... What would change about Scottish football if Hearts won the SPL

How much of the back pages would suddenly shift towards Edinburgh?
Would it make the SPL a more competitive league?
Would Hearts be able to attract players for European adventure?
Would it help the clubs outside Glasgow realize "It can be done" thus help them put more effort in and a different mentality?
Would it decrease revenue going into the league ?
Celtic have more quality than sevco but both are eminently beatable at the moment....and for different reasons.

Hertz have got a chance of challenging this season, if they can keep winning during the inevitable suspensions and injuries. Lets revisit this discussion in january.
The key phrase in your thread is "the inevitable suspensions and injuries" + the "winter season" has not even started yet! Also the big "starting pt" for Hearts was Rodgers fielding a weak Hoops' team at Tynecastle preceding a midweek Euro fixture commitment - a "risk" that was negligent but the bigger prize for him was Euro qualification! Hearts don't have strength of squad anyway and have still to play Gers, Dons and Hibs. Celtic also have three more matches against them and I'll be surprised if they will be as poor as they were in that 1st match.
Well I think we can put this to bed now lads.

Levein is an absolute clown, last night must have been down to the length of the astro turf.
I think the moral lesson for Potter is don't slag off referees because the ref club has the power to "bite you on the bum" with some awful decisions! That pk award v Saint Johnstone was absolutely outrageous and last night that 2nd yellow card to Djoume was another piece of ref retribution - nothing in Djoume's challenge to merit any kinda reprimand but it was a pivotal moment in Hertz "collapse".
They are also vastly overrated, that boy Clare they made such a big deal about is utter pish.
Going by levein's interview after another defeat on Saturday he is very close to cracking up.
It`s been a grand capitulation
However It did keep this year`s SPL a bit more interesting, love how Killie are still defying the odds and now the Dandy Dons are creeping up, even if Celtic yet again do a usual we can always ruin Gerrard`s season right?