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Full Version: Brendan Rodgers
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Many rumours and talkings of perhaps showing him his p45 after Liverpool`s unimpressive start in the league and champions league

I certainly believe Rodgers a capable manager who attempts to play good football and is more technically astute than most managers

The problems as I see it at Liverpool which are better than Robbie Cabbage`s comments Big Grin

1/ Rodgers is a 4-3-3 man, he was forced into playing Suarez-Sturridge as a front two and into paid handsomely playing Lambert/Borini/Balotelli as a loan striker hasnt worked and Liverpool fans demand immediate results after last term. A flat 4/4/2 or Diamond wont work unless they play perhaps Leiva/Henderson in the centre, Gerrard is better in a three man central midfield these days as `age vs the tendency to want to do everything` is doomed to failure, wide men not known for defensive capabilities.

2/ Rodgers has been granted money and bought lots and lots of players in every position,a Sunday team manager should be able to teach a side not to concede especially at set pieces and stopping wingers getting crosses in/too much space. Rodgers has bought two 20M centre backs and Liverpool are short of them yet none look better than Agger-Skrtel partnership which served them well the last few years, full backs look no better despite the buying in either.

3/ Rodgers has enough cover and adaptability to change the team shape/tactics but dosent, why not 2-3-3-2? Balotelli went public saying he dosent like playing Loan striker isnt that ringing alarm bells? If Mignolet isnt in great form why just have a 2nd keeper make him play for the Jersey.

4/ Personally dont think throwing a ton of money at the squad is a problem, most are Rodgers buys and its up to him to show why he bought them as part of his Liverpool masterplan/Revolution, a team is expressed by the way a manager wants them to play
I think it would be a bit knee-jerk to sack him now, but it happens. His problem as far as I can see is a rigid adherence to a footballing philosophy that clearly isn't working at the moment. He sees that dedication as his strength - and last season he was heavily praised for it - but I'd say it's far more of a weakness when you can't adapt to suit your circumstances. The signings from Southampton have been failures as much as Balotelli, and on the whole the team is bereft of experienced winners. It's hard to see how the team can do any better without replacing either much of the squad or the manager.
Lovren currently most error prone defender in the EPL

Shame I think he could be very decent, but even if they had Maldini/Baresi/Costacurta/Tassotti its still up to the manager to decide how they play, Tony Pullis would sort out that defence in a matter of weeks the errors are glaring.
Mignolet has gone down the route of Reina and lost confidence in his defence, he`s a decent shot stopper but pretty much like Arsenal`s goalie not one of the Top Five by any means in the EPL
Great coach not a.great manager imo, his transfer record is terrible
They certainly have it in for him!

Plenty of Liverpool fans are divided at the moment over the future of Brendan Rodgers, with one group calling for him to be sacked, while another says that sort of talk is rubbish.

But the above stat shows exactly why Rodgers is under pressure at Anfield.

His win percentage is actually worse than David Moyes’ at Manchester United, which is pretty fascinating considering Moyes was considered a huge flop.

Plus Rodgers has had more time to put together his squad and played more matches – so you would expect that win percentage to be quite a bit higher.