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Full Version: Balotelli- will he ever be worth it
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Well watching the QPR v Liverpool game has been hard work. Horrid football but most of the passion came from QPR - they deserved a point, if not all 3!

Then 5 minutes of magic - if weird football - painful for QPR.

I would not want to see Balotelli in my clubs colours regardless of how cheap he eventually is to buy - lets face it, Liverpool will never sell him for a profit on the basis of performances to date.

No effort from him. A missed goal, a dive to try for a penalty and little other. If you were a Liverpool player with the ball and your option is to keep it and try something or pass to Balotelli, you would be forgiven for going it alone.
For all his age and lack of pace Lambert is an unselfish alternative with a very decent scoring record
Balotelli has said himself he dosent work well on his own up front and yes you have to put in a shift-I remember a 23M Drogba scored about 7 his first season for Chelsea but worked his backside off.
Worth buying just to watch him putting a bib on - priceless!
Didn't like this signing when it was made and seen nothing yet to suggest it will end well for them. Liverpool are a poor team,particularly the defence but they are missing Sturridge a ton as well. Maybe, just maybe they may get more out of Mario when Sturridge is back, but I wouldn't bet on it!!

Still, seeing them struggle does make me smile, so long may that continue!!!
Yet another bad day at the office for him. Surely it's a bench role for him now?
i`d be pushing for playing Borini behind him in a withdrawn striker role and giving it 3-4 games
Balotelli may come good but having him scoring more isnt the end of their problems

They are hopeless against set pieces and crosses, full backs looking to bomb forward and not actually stopping wingers crossing might help