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Full Version: Hearts v Sevco
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Tonight at Tynecastle the JT's take on the other half of the bigot brothers and I suspect go into this with a little more confidence than last Sunday.

Cathro has had a few more days to try and gel Leveins "new" side. Unlike many Hibs fans who have a full hatred towards Hearts ( mainly due to being local ) in games like this I really hope they can beat Sevco and especially put that sh*t Miller in his place. ( although I have to admire his fitness etc)

In the future it will be good if we can sell enough Season Tickets to be able to limit away fans as Hearts do. Its good to see the great unwashed crammed in to only one part of the Roseburn and taking a bit of their own medicine when restricting away fans at Ibrox. This however always depends on being able to sell the numbers of ST's to enable this to be done.

Anyway will be keeping a close eye on the game and ......'mon JT's!
I hope they hump sevco. I cant stomach them and their arsehole overrated manager.
Hearts start with:


An unfamiliar line up for me but hope they do the business.    Thumb up

1:0 Nowak after 3 minutes.......great start  Thumb up

1:1Hyndman 35 minutes Thumb down
hertz looked knackered at the end of the half there. They pressed everything from the off and i hope they haven't shot their load already.

keeper was a joke for their goal.

keirnan is utter muck.
2:1 .....Walker 48minutes

3:1.......Cowie 53 minutes

4:1......Walker 62 minutes extremely tired Wink
Think of the broadband bears tonight and Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh
4:1 final score

altogether...............Warburtons a fa**y, he wears a................

Well done JT's
Well done hertz. They pished all over sevco.

Then again the huns were atrocious away from home...again. I just hope this clown is still in charge when we come back up,lennon will have him for breakfast.
Give them easy possession and they look good get in about and they are piss
Like the high pressing game Fred.
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