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Full Version: Cathro confirmed
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It may be a bit of a punt but I've a good feeling he's going to do well with us,welcome aboard.
New hertz manager Craig levein.
Nope he has always been the Hearts manager Jim,see waht you need to get into yer heid is this Neilson was head coach not manager, as DOF Levein is in essence the manager, in charge of signing players and sorting there contracts,Neilson was there to coach and put them on the park even though I believe Levein had a hand in picking the side at times.
He's potters puppet. End of.

With plug from the bash street kids as his assistant by the looks it.
Anyone arguing with you??
Thems the facts buddy,no argument required. Exciting times at the PBS.
What facts??
The ones you weren't arguing with.
I'll ask you again what facts?? do you know the facts of how Hearts fc is being run?? or are you like most including myself suspicious that Levein has had an hand in with Neilsen?? if so you have no facts.
So your asking me for facts while basically agreeing with me? Very good.

You're suspicious as its pretty obvious that levein is calling the shots here,and cathro and his buddy are in charge of dopey shite like measuring altitude of goalies kicks,and putting the cones and bibs out.

Nothing earth shattering is going on here so I've no idea why you are getting so defensive about it.
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