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Full Version: Five divisions
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20 clubs in each league is the football leagues latest brainwave back door entry for Rangers and Celtic plus B teams the Football League can piss right off
I agree. Plus it would be less matches. I get depressed enough during the summer.
Would club reduce prices as there would be five less home games, think we know the answer to that
Is this a wind up? Pisspottical idea.
No announced by the League tonight
Every suggestion is more bizarre than the last.
I like the idea of the football league expanding to 4 divisions of 20 but only if those extra teams come from the Conference and not 'B' teams or Scotland.

Plus points for more midweek trips to places like Dagenham,Brighton,Carlisle and Southampton like in the past.
Less league games, 46 is too many right now.
It will give the JPT more chance to attract bigger crowds by being played on weekend rather than midweek.
Long midweek trips are unnecessary anyway. That's the dickhead computer.

I agree though, we can't be having B teams or the Old Firm.
It's Bullshit its just another way for Premier League B teams to come in through the back door.

What the Football League need to do is make games midweek where the teams are nearer to each other so its easy for fans to get to and play the games which have got big mileage on a Saturday afternoon at 3pm or go back to what they had during the 1950s where you had Division 4 North and South leagues.

To make the JPT more exciting they should bring in the conference teams but it looks like Premier League B teams will enter the JPT.

The Premier League want it there own way and try and **** over the lower leagues and the fans. Enough is Enough if these proposals go through then Football League clubs should resign, put rivalries aside and come together as one to create there own league structure and association.
There has been no mention of Premier League B teams with this and only media speculation with regards to Rangers and Celtic!!  I think some people deliberately stir stuff when any restructuring is planned, here is what was said  with regards to where the teams will come from:

Where would the extra teams come from?

Currently, the bottom two teams in League Two are relegated from the Football League to the National League.

They would not go down at the end of the 2018-19 season, said Harvey.

Six other clubs - in addition to the two clubs already promoted from the National League - would join the Football League.

"The logical place for the extra clubs to come from would be promoting the next six teams from the National League," said Harvey.

"Some of those teams are already professional and the extension to the league may suit them."

The thought process is that playing more games on the weekends will actually boost attendances on average.  Each team will lose 4 home games but both home and away fan numbers are always bigger for the weekend games so it should compensate for itself.
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