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Full Version: Punching above our weight?
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For a club newly promoted, to be 3rd in the league after the first quarter and looking at the teams above us rather than thinking about consolidation, maybe we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves?  To be honest stability in the top league has to be the primary goal. The squad is certainly stronger than last season but so is the challenge. I've been impressed by a few surprising clubs so far this season, Ross County being one of them, Hamilton and Dundee are playing some decent stuff and Gary Locke I reckon will make Kilmarnock a top six side. Lets hope we keep up the same point scoring in the next 3/4 and see where it takes us
Definitely been a very good start to the season for you guys. Of course you could say it's because you are a good team or that the league is fairly poor outside the top few clubs, but either way you can only play what's in front of you. Having the start you have had should IMO change the goals for the club as well, not on a silly basis but instead of consolidation or even survival, maybe it should now be to finish in the top half come the split.
Were currently where we are because we deserve to be as for punching above our weight I disagree with that ok we're a club in the rebuild but in that league we IMO are the second biggest club and SHOULD be fighting it out