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Full Version: Hearts Board open for business
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Ok I'm planting a flag on the best board on the forum...the Hearts board. Everybody is welcome
Good man - build it and they will come.....
I'm here Maroon
Yay, fredster, a man of taste Smile
Aye usually bad lol.

Where's the smileys??
That's me signed up- how you doing Maroon and Fred. Changed user name for me this time.
Who where you then lol

I'm sound by the way you??
A wee clue Fred ( EK Jambo) ssshhhhsss dinnae tell anyone
Nice one EK (Oops)
Good to see you here Fred...fck knows what to expect but here we we got a new guy!!!!!! TinTin Thumb up (just don't let on he's from East Kilbride Wink )

ps you got a wee BOOM ah mean TinTin Big Grin

You got BOOMED up right nice too Fred Wink
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