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King "blackballed" by the Takeover Panel"!!
And not appealing this ruling that he can't have any dealings with businesses that are linked to the FCA. In other words, this man is "dodgy" and worthy of being "blackballed" due to a breach of rules during his takeover bid of RFC in 2015. I actually think this position should be escalated up to the football authority, the SFA, carrying out a formal investigation into this breach of rules and if indeed there is also a violation of SFA rules/regs on the same issue.
A criminal leech who should have stuck to defrauding pensioners in South Africa.

His credibility lies with other criminals, people who have no credibility, Scottish media lickspittles and deranged huns. A glib and shameless liar who is in the process of having his arse handed to him by another scumbag, Mike Ashley.

Kings done for, he will extract as much cash as he can from sevco and the thick bigots that constitute the bulk of their support before heading back to the hole he sprung from.
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