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The Footballing World Is Coming To An End
oh deary me
bloody tabloid journalists(i use that term tongue in cheek)
crisis at Man U
crisis at Spurs
Newcastle etc etc etc

who(apart from those clubs supporters)give a flying bats crap?
reading the papers(well looking at the pictures)you would think the world of football is grinding to a sudden halt

lets face it Man U have been in decline for a while
Spurs aint a team at all=kane plus a few guests
Newcastle=say no more

at least after this weekend we get a break from the premier league crap

aint we glad we aint part of the crap league
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I'm more concerned at the possible fate of Bolton Wanderers; a Club steeped in tradition that may well be destined for oblivion.

I bet Nat Lofthouse is turning in his grave.
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I couldn`t give a shit anymore. Don`t read red top gossip rags. The sooner the greed league implodes the better. DD Angry Angry
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