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Killie v Hibs, Sat 14 Sept, KO 3.00pm
So it is back to league action for Hibs after another humiliating period for Scotland and all Scottish footie fans who do care for the international team and its healthy progress!
All I can hope for in this fixture is that Hecky "rings the changes" to a 1st team that needs to be "refreshed" and guys like Stevie Mallan, Whittaker and others must be dropped for other players who have "something to prove" on the pitch. Killie are not exactly "in a good place" either with the manager that they have. So it will be an interesting encounter. I think we will lose again but it all depends on the manager's starting line up and his tactics which many Hibs fans have questioned so far. We and Hecky need a result to "lift spirits" in such a disappointing season. Lets hope it happens!
We surely should stand a chance of a result here, killie seem a bit rudderless since Clarke left.

Still, as long as our manager continues to behave like a dunce you can't get your hopes too high.
I can only say that, in general, the players are of no higher standard than the previous ones and that the manager is of a lesser standard than the previous one. To be honest I can't see us winning this one after our capitulation against Motherwell, so a draw would be a good result.
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Cabbage is still good for you
Yep! I'd celebrate a draw at the moment! Sad TBH but that is where Hibs are!! Another factor Hecky must address is playing on a testy artificial surface and identifying the players who can cope and play well on it.
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Manager saying all the right things... Hopes raised again
IMO he needs some kinda positive result before the first Embro Derby kicks off at ER next weekend. I just hope he "pulls it off" with a changed Hibs line up and no contention re his tactics!!

Another defeat, it's becoming predictable.

We actually played decent 1st half and had a few good chances, the Swedish boy looked decent in the middle of the park and Naismith did fine. But after we lost the goal with porteous not looking too clever with a 60 yard ball we fell apart. The teams soft as shite, and I still struggled to work out what the xxxx was going on in midfield several times the day. BUT we were 2nd best mostly after the interval - to a killmarnock side that didn't look that hot.

More than all that though its heckingbottom's demeanour that is really starting to get on my tits. He looks like he couldnae give a xxxx and is waiting for his ticket back to Yorkshire.

Crunch time coming up next week, if we lose the derby at home I can see the fans really turning - and this team does not look strong enough for that kind of battle. Hertz are shite granted but at least they are scoring goals. I really fear we will end up bailing potter out because he at least knows how to handle those games, and hecky just doesn't inspire confidence.
I expected this result and no surprise re a FT score of 2-0. So that is 15 goals lost in 5 matches - totally unacceptable and it is relegation form! The only positive factor is Hibs looked like an improved side in certain areas esp in the 1st half. However, they lost a goal and proved to have no leaders to still "push on" with whatever game plan was "on the table"!!! Who is our captain to "lift" a team in distress????? That presence is not evident and therefore that captain should no longer hold that position!! Also Hecky fielded Stevie Mallan AGAIN??? Any fool can see that Mallan should've been dropped weeks ago for another player who has the requisite desire and attitude to fight for his position!! Remember that this is the same Stevie Mallan who Hecky never rated when managing Barnsley and hardly ever gave him a game!! So what changed when Stevie hasnae been performing at all with Hibs??? IMO absolutely bizarre! As for starting Porteous in his first game back on a shit artificial surface away??? COME ON!!! IMO that was utter folly!! Surely a sub's appearance would've been more appropriate. I previously commented that IMO Hecky's "last chance scenario" was the next four games up to the Hertz fixture next Sunday. I was confident he'd fail this test and so far I have been proved right. I believe Dempster was challenged after this match by a good number of irate Hibs fans to take appropriate action against a poor manager, all fans professing that Hibs have sold them a dud on their advertised "exciting season ahead". Leeann still sticking to the view to "be patient, all will come good"!!? IMO she is "in denial" re her involvement in Hecky's appointment and the folly of offering a crazy 4 year deal to someone like this manager!! It's all about money, a lot of it, and she/Hibs will hold on to him for as long as they can. But he is a "dud", pure n simple, and most knowledgeable Hibs fans can see that no matter if Hibs beat Hertz next Sunday or not - NOTHING CHANGES!!
I think we have the players to challenge for a top 4 or 5 spot. In the league but at the moment they seem to be playing as individuals with no teamwork showing. To me it's like they are not following the managers instructions OR the manager is unsure of what instructions he should be issuing.
Either way things have to start improving or we'll be looking for a new manager again. Personally I would give him another half dozen matches to turn things around before the season is a complete right off.
Fingers crossed we're only suffering a slight hiccup.
I'm starting to fear the worst wattie. This guy just can't motivate a team, hearing him talk is it any wonder ? It's just a shrug of the shoulder response from him. He's way too passive.

We have won one game in ten and lost 15 goals in 5. That is diabolical. After the last home game the fans I spoke to were unanimous in that they wanted him emptied ASAP.

His only hope is that he can translate what we saw first 30 mins yesterday into 90 very soon, but the organisation and steel needed to do that and deal with adversity just isn't there.
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