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Michael Owen
I`m sure another Twitter storm has been picked up by everyone

Completely behind Michael Owen, NUFC are a massive, massive club whose fans on a passion level are top six if not higher unfortunately the clubs objectives are not

Would he really be the first player on big money and massive transfer fee to somewhat lose interest?

Yes terrible I know, many of us would run through walls for 100k+ a week and those meager few who become professionals should be damn lucky and thank the Gods every night

Owen was a superb talent but the 15M record signing was hardly flanked with similar record signings was he? I mean it was only this year they broke that 15m record? Hardly surrounded by the same quality as Real Madrid and sadly for the fans of NUFC he was bought more of as a shirt seller than part of a statement to march on the league or Europe. 120K a week, try signing Alexis Sanchez!

The Downgrade in Rafa> Bruce says it all about NUFC, I think many of the fans understand this, Benitez whether you love/hate wasn't going to stick around for a club with no ambition

And yes Beckham shouldnt have got sent off at the WC, I`m sure Pele and Maradona had bigger lumps kicked out of them but didn't react so foolish
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