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I don't know what to make of him.
I mentioned earlier that Cheltenham Town had in pre season signed former Baggie Tahvon Campbell. He had previously played for our local rivals FGR.

The only comment I got when I asked how good he was, someone replied "I think he once cleaned Izzy Brown's car"

Unfortunately that just about sums him up. In a pre season game against Shrewsbury he scored two excellent goals admittedly one from the penalty spot.

Otherwise the lad seems just too light weight and seems to get discouraged too easily. He gets knocked over a couple of times and from then on the lad just 'goes missing'.

In last night's match against Carlisle he was finally left on the bench and only used quite late on by which time we were already two goals up. I'm hoping that the lad hasn't got a contract beyond the end of this season.

Our other ex Baggie import, also from FGR, is Rueben Reed who managed to get himself injured in pre season training and hasn't kicked a ball since.

Can we borrow Sturridge's hydropool from you? Tongue
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