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"Snodin added that John Sheridan is still looking for loan players to add to his squad, commenting: “He’s been trying. From when we came in for pre-season, he’s been trying.

“There are players he’s asked if they want to come and they just didn’t want to come to the league. At the end of the day, they didn’t want to come into the National League, they want to stay in their leagues.”

And that encapsulates our problem. We (Sheri) are looking in all the wrong places for players.

If they are EFL players we need young unknowns who want the competitive games they are being denied in order to make a name.

If they are at our own level we need players who are dissatisfied and who are desperate for a new start - a Fondop-Talom.

If they are from a lower level we want players hungry and eager to step to full-time like Buxton of Buxton.

We don't need failing EFL players with no option but to swallow their pride and step unwillingly down to our pathetic level ....... because they are quickly going to find far better players than them in every opposition team.

And anyway shouldn't Charlie Williamson be looking ..... like on his every working day?
Yes but will things change? For whatever reason our manager only seems interested in ex FL players. Maybe its because that's all he knows. If he didn't have his eyes opened by the way Dover took us apart in the first half he must have been asleep.
There are many good players in our league that would take a step up to full time given the chance. Our manager just seems so stubborn.
Big Bore Exhaust = Small Dick
Some Mancs don't change their minds easily, do they Dancing?
I wouldn't know Dev Smile
Big Bore Exhaust = Small Dick
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