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Well done St Charles
I almost predicted a loss but changed my mind at the last minute. Before you read any other reports saying we were unlucky, we weren't.
We deserved exactly what we got. we just about bossed the first half with Boden missing a couple of half chances. Much better than the last first half at the Proact. Problem was we just didnt ever look like winners.
Too many back passes and mistakes. On the other hand when Woking got the ball they ran at us with hardly a backward ball.
Second half you just knew that their first attack would result in a goal and lo and behold it was scrappy but it ended up in the net. Their second was a free kick that Jalals keeping was just woeful. It was obvious where the ball was going but where was Jalal? On the opposite side of the goal with no chance of getting anywhere near it.
Why Jalal is our preferred keeper is beyond me. Against Sheff Utd Coddington was superb and his distribution was excellent. He hasn't had a game since Jalal is a poor kicker and just isn't up to it IMO, he is slow to react at times.
0-2 and groans aplenty. 3 subs later we looked completely lost and could have gone 3 down. We were just plain shite. With 5 mins to go we grabbed an undeserved goal and the last 5 mins were at least entertaining.
Joe Rowley should not be in our team. He offers nothing. He is too weak for this division and hides too much. Our work will always be cut out with only 10 players on the park. Why we kept him and let Carter go is beyond me. I know you shouldnt pick out individual players but after watching that crap tonight I feel that I deserve the chance to say it as it is. Smith was poor, Boden was poor, Mandeville was poor, but Rowley just wasnt at the races. He is obiusly JS's golden boy so we can expect much of the same.
So after 4 games we are in the relegation zone and worse off than we were last season. We have lop sided team that couldnt punch its way out of a paper bag. There is only 1 way we are going.
Big Bore Exhaust = Small Dick
Nothing that happened last night surprised me. Thankfully I'm miles away from it.

WAKE UP YOU DAFT MANC encapsulates my thoughts.

After seeing Jalal's Shirley-Temple on Boreham Wood's first goal on Saturday he'd be nominated for our worst keeper ever award alongside Anyon and Soderberg. I'd pick Coddington, or Michael Gove for that matter, instead.

I don't see the point of making substitutions when you don't actually have anybody capable of making a difference on the bench (or in contention for it apparently). Sheridan (minor) is hardly a game changer is he? I can understand why we'd send Lee Shaw out on loan, but not if we were going to put FOUR far more incapable players on the bench. Are Amantchi and Rawson dead? Why didn't we sign Joe Bennett when he did well in friendlies? But Sheri knows a Championship player who might come on loan? Is he one of those Chris Wilder is begging to leave. For sure I'd welcome Leon Clarke, but Sheri didn't like him when we had him before even though he topped the scoring charts whilst Sheri (again) was anchoring us to the bottom of a league ..... and surely we can't afford the wages of a Championship player on loan ('n' if we can afford them then how have we ended up with such a cack-handed unteam?)

My personal preference has been to recruit from our own level and below on the cheap. Solihull didn't attract McCallum with a big money offer and a pad on the brummy equivalent of Sandbanks. Boreham Wood had no cash to splash to get Tshimanga. If we'd have even been in for them we would have had a chance of both, but we gave Weir and McKay contracts with nary a thought that with those two and Boden available every team in the National League would have feared us! And the trouble is now that, though we CAN still make signings, bringing those in from lower down the pyramid is so much harder. If they've been part-timers they need to be given the pre-season to get up to pace - sign them now and it'll be several more weeks of defeats before you start to get the best out of them. So Sheridan's broken-down EFL players, if they are fit and ready to go ( the bit they now can go on their zimmers) might even be an intelligent option.

I look at our team and every single team in our league looks better than us (including Notts County now they've signed some back up).

Despite the talk of it being early days, we're looking at being as good as down by the end of August.
Looking at BB quite a few seem to agree re Jalal and Rowley.
We need better and quick. Rowley seems to spend most of his time hiding with an opposition player between him and any our players with the ball. When we do "find" him, 90% of the time he has his back to goal and just lays the ball off to somebody else. He never makes a forward run and is brushed off the ball so easily its embarrassing to watch. It was him that lost the ball (again) in the build up that led to their first.
Others seem to think that the return of Denton, Spyrou and Gerrard will make us better, I bloody hope so but doubt it very much. Its obvious that Sheridan just doesnt rate Denton and with no quick players or wingers, how effective will he be?
The one quick player we had (Shaw) we sent out on loan and we play McKay and Sheridan (who didnt do bad last night to be fair even though Woking were tiring) who both look slow and limited. Amantchi and Rawson have disappeared off the face of the earth into our so called development squad which doesnt play any competitive games??? Its our own little black hole, once you are sucked in there god help you.
Things just dont look promising.
Big Bore Exhaust = Small Dick
Rowley is young and did at least used to exhibit talent. He is now working with a man who was a skillful and fairly cerebral midfielder, who didn't look out of place at the highest level .......... you'd think he would be an enormous help to Joe. You'd think. I'm not knocking your reading of a game of football Dancing to observe that if you can work out that Joe Rowley is hiding then Sheridan is surely going to notice it too.

Several people seem to be of the opinion that Sheridan fils did okay when he came on as a left back ........ but the trouble is left back subs at 0-2 vanishingly rarely turn a game around.

We have only two players from whom we can expect a goal, one is Boden the other is a centre back. You just can't succeed when that's the case.
and yet we get told in the words of Harold Macmillan 'They've never had it so good'.

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