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Aberdeen "done" by another ref v Saint Mirren?
I watched the highlights of this game that the Buddies deserved to win 1-0 but huge question marks raised re the role of another SFA ref, McLean, in ensuring the Dons lost - an absolute stonewall pk denied the Dons by another "dodgy" ref and an AR who must have seen this deliberate hand baw!! What is going on!!??
I’ve got to ask, why would the ref or SFA want to ensure Aberdeen lose?? I get your feeling on bias towards Rangers with regards to referees but I can’t help thinking its just incompetence more than anything else.
You really had to see this "swing of an arm" to appreciate what I am indeed insinuating was a stonewall pk, observed from two different angles, and yet not deemed a pk. Add that to the fact that both these ref officials continue regardless without any serious scrutiny or reprisal and one again must raise huge "question marks" re what I, and many other footie fans in Scotland, regard as a corrupt refereeing system that is not even being formally monitored properly with consequent action to try and improve it!!!
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