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Ecky gone after 14 matches!! Back to "square one"!
So the SFA "blazers" finally sack Alex McLeish amid one big question - "Why did they take so long to do this"? Also the SFA is poor enough as it is and will have to find funds to compensate a guy who they were paying £550k pa and IMO should never have been appointed anyway!! Now we need to appoint someone who needs to revitalise a Scotland team that is full of some great young prospects who should be progressing positively much like The Netherlands national team that had similarly "stalled" and endured a period of transition!! Of course, the main difference is organisation, wise guidance of young up n coming players and structured coaching - the KNVB has all those attributes attached to it in abundance and is there any valid comparison with the Scottish Football Association?? Sadly, very little comparison!! One positive step forward would be to appoint Stevie Clarke but I have my doubts that the Killie manager will join up with the SFA as many people hope he will!
It has to be about supporting the next wave of Scots Managers -Jack Ross, Alex Neill etc maybe they wont coach the national side yet but 5-10 years lets hope there are the names who are so badly lacking now
I haven't seen what the odds are but if Moyes is anywhere near you`ll do a lot worse than losing to Kazhakstan
Should have been bagged after that farce in Kazakhstan. Clown of a manager.

Please no more SFA yes men, or one of the funny handshake brigade getting one last payoff. Let's take our game seriously again.
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Shouldn't have even been re-appointed or even considered

Moyes would be a huge step back, Steve Clarke is the future it would be wrong to throw him in now, three years from now perhaps

I know the last foreign Scotland manager didnt go down great but I think to instill new ideas and a style of play, currently the options are most threadbare, other clubs and countries do it so why not Scotland? I mean for all their following would Man City have got so good under Brian Horton ?
Rumours about the night that Stevie Clarke will be new Scotland manager and announced next week.
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