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Do we like the Nations league?
I actually really like, well apart from it usually buggers up weekend Football

It`s nice for our team to actually play a few matches rather than once every five months

Even Gibraltar are winning matches is this a good thing? Is there a good Feel good factor with the nations league?
I don't mind it although Andorra and Gibraltar does at times cock up my Accas but better watching competitive internationals than friendlies
Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

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Aye it seems a good idea actually. Quite surprised that they've come up with a good idea for once.
I'd rather do without international football altogether myself like, but that's not gonna happen so this'll do. Whistle
Far better for teams to be playing games against their peers rather than seeing the big countries taking on Andorra!! Do the games mean anything, not totally but they do mean more than the usual friendlies we used to see, so aside from the behind closed doors Croatia game, the game shave been better for it.
Apart from our never-ending pishness, i rather like the idea.
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It looks to have been a success so far, with competitive games at every level and giving the lesser teams a chance to win games at the same time.
I can only go on what I've seen following England but the 2 games against Spain were far from any frendlies(which the NL replaced) and has seen some cracking goals and tackles. The Croatia away game was a bit of a farce, mainly thanks to no fans being allowed in.

Lets see how it pans out in the next month, looks like the Germans could be relegated to group B for a start off
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