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Colombia robbed says Maradona with a S American slant on the US ref's performance?
This makes for a curious 'read' and  I suspect there could be a tinge of malice from the 'fat one' after prob receiving lots n lots of hate mail and jibes down the years from many disaffected English fans who never really 'got over' his 'hand of god' intervention that gave him such an important goal v England - if only VAR had been 'up n running' all these years ago! But such is life and it moves on regardless. As for this 'most hated' referee, Geiger, I certainly think he 'lost the plot' and he was definitely intimidated in a very difficult match. The S American 'take' on this match, + the ref's role in it, is curious and IMO it epitomises a clash of two different footie cultures and opinions.
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I've got to agree with Primadonna about the ref but for the opposite reason Cool Why do FIFA insist on using refs from crap leagues with limited experience for games like these ? The poor guy was way out of his depth and was probably hoping for a flag to be thrown on so that they could go to an interlude from the sponsors Doh
and complicated
Aye Maddix lol! I thought his facial expressions during the most feisty parts of this match indicated that he was definitely not a 'strong ref' and boyyyy, did it show eh! It's also worth noting that no English refs were invited to this World Cup tourney and there must be at least one or two of them who are better and stronger than the likes of this ref, Geiger.
I'd still buy him a pint.
That cheating fat fook Maradonna has the cheek to say Colombia were robbed?
That cheating fat fook should take a look at all the results he has stolen over the years. Never mind the England game where to call it the 'Hand of God' is almost blasphemous. Look at all the times he played where he must have been on drugs. Got caught in 1994 but he must have been doing it for years.
That cheating fat fook looks a complete and utter joke throughout this WC. What a shitty little man he really is.
Brilliant footballer in his heyday, possibly the best ever. But that stench of arrogance, hating everything English, and the weirdness of him, taints his history and his present.
That cheating fat fook gets far too much tv coverage and people still want to hear his views on any game. He knows next to nothing about football now. His head is too far in his bag of marching powder to see anything much.

As for the ref, I'd certainly buy him a pint.
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In beer there is freedom, in wine there is health, in cognac there is power and in water there is bacteria
Still rankles does it, Shep? Laugh Laugh Cool Laugh Tongue Rolleyes
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(05-07-2018, 11:00)Lord Snooty Wrote: Still rankles does it, Shep? Laugh  Laugh  Cool  Laugh  Tongue  Rolleyes

A little.... Wink Whistle Laugh
In beer there is freedom, in wine there is health, in cognac there is power and in water there is bacteria
Screw Maradona and everything he says and does.

The cockwomble is irrelevant in the modern game.
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All this vitriol could have been spared if peter shilton had managed to outjump someone 5 foot 3.
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And the defence in front of Shilton. Dreadful defending.

I wasn’t alive when the Hand of God happened so that doesn’t particularly effect me. I dislike him more than ever now because of his actions in recent months. The abuse given to Mauro Icardi and his family, the abuse given to Jorge Sampaoli, the racism to Korean children and his actions during the 2-1 win over Nigeria (middle finger up at his fans and Nigerian fans).

In my opinion he is probably losing his mind. His actions are not of someone who is mentally stable, they are of someone who is losing sense of reality. He’ll be in an Mental Instiution in a couple of years.
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