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The dreaded 'PK Showdown' has finally arrived at this World Cup tourney!
For the first time and not just once but twice in the same day and Spain + Denmark are the disappointed losers in this latest pk lottery! It certainly adds to the drama and high entertainment value of this WC tournament with the host nation euphoric after tactically holding for the chance of a concluding pk decider! Today's hero must be Croatia's Luka Modric after missing what would've been a match-winning pen in the dying mins of the match v Denmark. Then having the 'balls' to still take another pen in the pk decider and scoring!
Penalties, like the playoffs are fabulous drama but absolutely torturous when your team is involved!!
Yes PK's are a lottery and huge entertainment.

On the plus side - the goalkeepers in the Denmark v Croatia game were outstanding.

Out the negative side - (I know its the rules) - but Croatia basically had scored before he was taken down and the man is not Red Carded - Rule change required.
They've just changed that rule. He made a genuine attempt to get the ball, so just a yellow.
You could tell by his expression though that he thought he was getting sent off.
Yes, it's a yellow if he made a genuine attempt for the ball. If he had handballed it on the line he would be off.
It's to stop a double whammy of red and a penalty. I agree if they score the pen...but it does look a little unfair if they miss it.
Ah but who cares....Zanka the first ever Huddersfield Town player to score at a World Cup. Legend !!
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Penalty kicks are an horrendous way to decide anything. In a team game penos place the entire responsibility on two individuals - the penalty taker and the goalkeeper and this turns them into targets or heroes for fans and even their own team. (If Gareth Southgate manages England to a 5-0 win the World Cup Final it will just about expiate his lasting memorial as the man who missed the penalty. The fact that he was the man who had the guts to step forward whilst the other non-penalty takers hesitated has been expunged from history.)

Those who have never kept goal observe that goalkeepers are absolved from blame in the shoot-out. Complete obllocks! ALL goalies always think they can make the save and every goal scored is a small disaster for them. David De Gea knows better than anyone he should have stopped at least TWO Russian penalties (at least).

Those who think penalty shoot-outs are a wonderful spectacle should participate in one. Having done so just at amateur level I can report that taking off all your clothes at the check-out in Waitrose is the slightly more attractive option.

AND for those who advocate this as a way to settle FA Cup ties ........ it skews the whole game if a much weaker team assesses early on that its best chance is to arrive at penos, like Russia. Nobody can tell me that with the Spanish obsessed with ticcy-takkying like Pete Seager and the Russians relying on one good Russian, a Spaniard, a Brazilian 'n' a surfeit of desire, that this was anything like a good game.

How to settle a game without penos? After Extra Time, if the teams are still level, restart with each team reduced by two players, after five more minutes play remove another player, after a further five same again, continue removing players until one team scores. Fascinating tactics would develop. We could call it DISPLACEMENT TIME .......
(02-07-2018, 09:47)Lord Snooty Wrote: They've just changed that rule. He made a genuine attempt to get the ball, so just a yellow.
You could tell by his expression though that he thought he was getting sent off.
In this case it should be changed to a 'penalty goal', the same as a 'penalty try' in rugby union. IMO we are still 'behind the times' with stuff like this but hopefully we'll eventually 'catch up'!
PS: I also participated in quite a few pk deciders in my footie career. Missed my 1st one when I was a young kid playing in a national five a side final. Never missed any pen after that one and 'revelled in it' - IMO all about technique, full concentration and belief in scoring. I came across lotsa players who refused to volunteer and didn't have the mental strength to 'take up the challenge'. Everybody different eh!
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I kept goal, was a decent penalty-saver in matches, quite a good reader, but lost a final at 18 years of age in a shoot-out. Kept a clean sheet in the game and extra time. 3-3 after five penos each. Three really good penalties and two blazed wildly over, so zero saves. The game went to one player from each team chosen to take kicks until someone missed. The guy I was up against must have been nearly 40, their captain and centre back, with a face sculpted from the Derbyshire hills. He grazed the inside of the post with every kick, he changed posts and there was very little clue in his short run up or his kicking technique. He was calm and unflustered. Our man missed on his fourth peno. The winner was a proper in off the post and I finally got the slightest touch ........ just so I could feel I should have stopped it.

I'm 66. I could tell you about it in absolute detail, how our captain , who was also coming up to 40, was in tears because he felt he let all our young team down - we were mostly 17 -19. The best team lost, but the best penalty taker won. Neither keeper saved a penalty and we'd both played well in the match.

I kept a clean sheet at least three times in finals and ending up losing in extra time! In one I made a load of saves in the second half on Chesterfield's old ground, Saltergate, it was really just me and our centre back holding out. If there was a God he'd have organised us a breakaway winning goal, but there can't be a God. Two goals in the last two minutes of extra time gave us a 3-0 defeat and a runners-up medal we could have done without ........ Football why would anyone get involved?
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