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Orient covid and out

Tottenham have been given a bye into the Carabao Cup fourth round after their tie with Leyton Orient was called off when a number of the League Two club's players tested positive for Covid-19.

Now this is setting a terrible precedent. What if West Ham, who had players tested positive during the week, have to cancel their Premier League game at the weekend? Do they have to forfeit that? I'm sure Aberdeen had a league game cancelled a few weeks ago and didn't receive such a punishment.

And I bet if it was Spurs who had cancelled, there would've been a different outcome to this situation. Angry
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It's presumably a by-product of the cup rounds being played in consecutive weeks; replays and postponements just aren't possible without holding up the whole competition and throwing the season into even greater disarray, so the team that has the positive cases must be judged (however harshly) as the ones at fault for the match not being played. Orient's chairman does have a solid point about it potentially disincentivising clubs to test in the first place, though. But in an already-crazy season with a congested schedule, I'm not sure what realistic alternative method there is to decide an unplayable cup tie.
Aye but the fifth round isn't til December. Surely they could fit in a rematch and then the 4th round before then.
What next? Your pitch is waterlogged so you're out.
This is not Orient's fault.
Aberdeen's players broke their bubble and went to the pub and had to postpone a match. They weren't forced to forfeit the game. I just think the FL have made a bad decision.
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Your right LS Spurs would have had a postponement, have to laugh the Premier League have reluctantly agreed to bail out the lower divisions to the tune of 250 million I believe this from an organisation which apperently has a 1.5 billion reserve.
Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

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There's no way a "big club" would be treated like this.
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