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WBA vs Sheff Wed & Hull - Wed 1st July 7.45pm & Sun 5th July 3pm
[Image: Hillsborough.jpg]

Dear oh dear. If we thought those problems with form we had before lockdown were nothing that a cheeky three-month rest wouldn't fix, cruel reality has disobliged us. The last time we scored a league goal, flattening the curve was the name of Beefy's workout routine, and social distancing was what you did when someone farted in the half-time pie queue. And it doesn't really help that Bilic's public response to the ongoing slump is a set of inane soundbites like "embrace the pressure!" (I mean, with all due respect, Slav, if I can't even embrace my own relatives then there's no chance I'm going to start cuddling up to something that never wears a facemask and tends to give me serious breathing difficulty.) It's painfully obvious that we're struggling to break disciplined teams down with our passing, that poor decision and execution lets us down when we do get into good positions, leading to a paucity of goalscoring chances, and the strikers we've got aren't putting away the handful of chances they get. This problem requires some fresh ideas, and it needs them soon.

The first chance comes on Wednesday Wednesday, when Albion travel up to Sheffield for a floodlit encounter at Hillsborough. Our last visit - and how many centuries ago does it feel like now? - was an incredibly fortunate 2-2 draw in October 2018, when Harvey Barnes dug us almost single-handedly out of a hole in the last ten minutes. The Owls come into this on the back of a victory against Bristol City at the weekend, and will therefore have the momentum. And anything less than a win will leave us liable to being replaced in the top two by Brentford before our next game. Plenty of pressure to be embraced there, then.

Whatever the outcome of tomorrow night and the subsequent Saturday fixtures, we'll host Hull on Sunday with the Tigers locked in a relegation battle; exactly the kind of game that's usually a banana skin for Albion. Nevertheless, winless since early January, I'm not sure there can be any excuses if we lose to Hull right now. I warned during lockdown that if the season was resumed, then promotion wouldn't be a shoo-in, and it's proving that way. Time to start fighting for points and earning the prize we want.

[Image: Fixtures.jpg]
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Ska'd, are you available to do these 2 pre match motivational team talks?
So Brentford just 2 Points behind, so its Albion as we know it , Squeaky Bum time Rolleyes

And more so when you look at our fixtures then look at Brentford's Confused

Barnsley !!!
Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
Such is the life of an Albion fan.

I really wish I’d been born in London so I could have support med Man Utd or Liverpool
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The next two matches are crucial for us to win, particularly Shef W, because if we fail that or even draw, with Brentford only 2pts behind us and on a roll, the players arses with be sqeaking, as will mine. And with Hull now winning, and our loving to lose points against tail-enders, predicting these two matches will be difficult. So we much win tonight to regain confidence.  2-0 WBA ???????????????????????
Comparing run ins WBA have to winn all of their matches or risk playoffs......... DD Rolleyes Rolleyes
5 changes lets hope Slav gets the result we want, he is due a little good fortune.
2020 the year the bubble burst  Doh
Watching the Sheff Wed ifollow stream and their commentator is hilarious. Think he's just taking it in turns to name the Albion players, he's got about 3 right so far this half Laugh Laugh

On a more concerning note he's a hell of a lot more entertaining than either the game or we are - dire first 25 minutes Sad Sad
I don't want to be Beefy thank you Wink
We certainly know where the goal is!!!
Start every day off with a smile and get it over with
Is Pereira actually interested in the game tonight? Doesn’t look like it to me and he’s pulled out of at least 3 challenges.
Fortunate to be winning
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