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Prediction League Results/Tables Week 28
Player Pts CS CR GB BB SB
St Charles 22 1 7 5 3 0
B.B.B. 17 0 6 5 3 1
Themaclad 13 1 3 5 NP 0
Bomber 12 1 4 5 -3 0
Sanjay 12 0 4 5 3 0
Derby 12 0 6 5 -3 0
A.A.A. 3 1 1 NP -3 0
Zinman 3 0 3 NP -3 0
Beefy 2 0 4 -3 -3 0

A much better week for most after last weeks stuttering start post-pandemic layoff. In first place this week is relegation threatened St Charles with 22 points. He managed to score points on 8 of the 10 games including a CR on the Gamball and the Bonus. In second spot for the second week on the trot is BBB with 17 points, he scored on half the games and like SCO picked up points on the Gamball and Bonus, plus he was the only one to get the bonus point on the Scoreball. Third spot on 13 points goes to Themaclad, he could have scored more points had he not broken the rules by playing the Bonus on the Gamball game, thus making his Bonus null and void.

Three players shared 4th spot on 12 points - our league leader Bomber, Sanjay and Derby. Interesting how they all got there in completely different ways, Bomber got a CS to go with his Gamball CR but missed his bonus, Sanjay got a CR on both his scoring balls but didn't get any CS' and Derby managed 6 CR but no CS to keep his score down.

There is then a big gap to 7th spot where we find AAA ad Zinman with 3 points. Neither played the Gamball, both missed the bonus and had it not been for Sunday's games would have had a combined score of zero instead of 6. Small consolation for them but any dismay is tempered by seeing Beefy back to his usual form and position of last place!!! Beefy has just simply struggled with the step up to the PL this season and this week showed that perfectly, he got 4 CRs but missed on all his balls to wipe out most of those points to end with just 2 points for the week!!!

There are certainly going to be changes at the bottom of the table this week after these scores, Beefy may well just have relegated himself, SCO is now out of the relegation places and Zinman will be back in trouble by falling into the bottom 2. Derby will drop into the relegation PO spot. At the top no places will change hands but for the 2nd week in a row the two chasing Bomber have closed the gap a bit to keep their hopes of catching him alive and kicking!!



BaggieOne 14pts 1CS 4CR 5GB 3BB 0SB
Lady Jane 13pts 1CS 5CR 5GB -3BB 1SB
Amelia 13pts 0CS 4CR 5GB 3BB 1SB
Snooty 12pts 0CS 4CR 5GB 3BB 0SB
Joker 10pts 1CS 4CR 5GB -3BB 0SB
Twerton 10pts 0CS 5CR 5GB -3BB 0SB
Stairs 6pts 0CS 3CR 5GB -3BB 0SB
MightyBrom No scores submitted

A better week but one that won't see much change in the overall table. For once the Gamball had no impact on scores as everyone got the correct result (I though Beefy was supposed to choose a match that was difficult to predict?) but the bonus and score balls proved more difficult for most.

BaggieOne heads this week's table with 14 points though he will need to do much better in the remaining weeks if he is to make a late challenge for promotion. Lady Jane lies second just a point further back, scoring on half the games and benefiting from an excellent Sunday, though she was let down by her bonus. Also on 13 points is Amelia, continuing to pull away in the second promotion slot. Since she discovered her balls she has shown us all how to play with them properly - another full set this week! Amelai and Lady Jane were the only players to gain the extra score ball point.

Snooty had a decent week just a point further back and was the third player to collect from his bonus. He is beginning to pull away from the foot of the table which, given his early season form, is something of an achievement. Joker and Twerton both hit double figures, Twerton now seems certain to claim the championship title while Joker continues to see Amelia open up the gap in the charge for second place and the coveted promotion place.

Stairs woeful form continued (though some of us wish we could have managed 6 points this week) and he will remain at the foot of the table needing a miracle to avoid this season's wooden spoon.

No show again from Mighty Brom.


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I don't want to be Beefy thank you Wink
You guys have so much to thank me for Rolleyes
Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
(29-06-2020, 23:33)Beefy 1965 Wrote: You guys have so much to thank me for  Rolleyes

Kept me going through lockdown mate - the thought of you coming back as ineptly as you had ended in March Laugh Laugh

Cheers pal, keep up the good work Wink
I don't want to be Beefy thank you Wink
(29-06-2020, 23:33)Beefy 1965 Wrote: You guys have so much to thank me for  Rolleyes

You have certainly brightened up my Sundays as I sit scoring the games and simply smile at your scores week after week!!! For that I thank you!! Although this week seeing Zinman's score might have caused the smile more than yours!!
These tables will probably do us for this weekend too, anyone know a reliable fixture compiler -
1 task per week -
find 10 games being played -
type them on a thread -
click post thread -
job done until the next week -
the clever people do all the rest of the clever stuff with scoring and tables Laugh

The 10 minutes required to carry out duties are flexible but the hope is that they could be posted before midweek Doh
I don't want to be Beefy thank you Wink
Well thanks for keeping that one quiet Doh
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(30-06-2020, 21:37)Beefy 1965 Wrote: Well thanks for keeping that one quiet  Doh

Tell me anywhere above where I've said you'd forgotten, I've kept quiet about that little nugget Wink
I don't want to be Beefy thank you Wink
I've photo shot our conversation on Whatsapp mate now don't let me have to post it will you .......... Whistle
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