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Ron Gordon still upbeat for the future!
Ron adamant that Hibs are still in "very good financial shape" during a period in which the board is "navigating through the storm". Also praising the players for taking deferrals in a voluntary initiative to enhance the financial health of the club. Sadly one casualty in this cost-cutting initiative is the Hibs Youth Academy which has been put on "pause". No doubt, difficult times ahead as cash inflow will be cut by 50% but Ron insisting that he still intends to strengthen the Hibs squad this summer. Two "big pillars" being emphasised and discussed with the players - 1. Having costs in the right place and reducing an operating budget to one that is reasonable. 2. Hibs still need to compete and look at ways to improve the team and indeed become a better team.
Aye 0762, he came across very well and unflustered.

Most of the scare stories were just from the press ( and then fuelled by our maroon chums on the other side of town) and both he and LD in the last few days have reassured hibees with their positive comments.

The Academy will be back at some stage and this will be a great time for a real shake up there, as it has been many years since it has produced any good players to make it consistently in the first Ryan P of course.
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